Do u have a low ilvl? Need a raiding guild?

<Nocturnal> on Mal'ganis is starting a NEW afternoon 10m raid group, and is looking for members. We aren't worried about your ilvl as we will start with MSV and HoF for a few weeks before we start to tackle ToT. Just started recruiting so we need all specs.

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesdays: 12p-3p
Wednesdays: 12p-3p
Thursdays: 12p-3p

*all times are server time which is CST (Mal'ganis)*

If you think you can make these raid times, and are commited to gearing your toon send Furiøus (alt 0238) an in game tell or mail with any questions!
RealID: TeamJBell#1545
I would be interested, those are great times for me. I have this toon and a boomkin that might fit in. When were you looking at starting?
I work second shift, so those times would work for me. I'll look for you in game!
well Aggrous we wanna start as soon as we have the people, how it's looking now we will be starting next Tuesday 3/12, still need a few dps to round out the group and another tank!!, i'll be on tomorrow afternoon if ur interested
could still use a healer, and some ranged dps
Starting this group back up! Contact me in game if you're interested! Ugrrok1744

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