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I have the mobile app for iphone. On Monday I changed guilds as I have done a few times in the past without issue however this time I left a guild to create my own guild. Now, five days later my mobile app still hasn't registered the guild change and for some reason my character has no hair on his portrait within the app. Also, if I change characters and come back to the character that changed guilds it will register my new guild but then immediately switch back to the old guild when I select anything. I also cannot connect to guild chat with any characters whether they are in that guild or not. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I look funny without hair.
I should also say that I have tried turning my phone off and back on, deleting the app and reinstalling it and resetting my iphone by holding the home and power buttons.
Update: last night my mobile app switched over to the appropriate guild and stayed there. I was also able to use guild chat, but then tonight it switched back over to the old guild and now it is back to having the original problem. At no point did I ever get my hair back. If anyone is checking this forum please respond. I'm bald and discouraged.
The issue with Guild Chat is a long standing known issue that we have on our backlog for fixing. The problem is that updating this requires an overhaul of guild data across the app, so I'm not certain how long it will take to resolve.

As for the issues with your hair not properly displaying, this is a new issue introduced with the WoW 5.2.0 patch. We're aware of this and are working to have it fixed soon.

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