484 Brewmaster Monk LF Casual Raid Guild [A]

Tank looking for a casual raid guild.
I don't care how fantabulously suited you are for being #1 on the server or how many years you have been tooting the Azerothian anthem through onyxia's nostrils -- I just want to have a raid guild that I can have fun and relax with.
I used to do a lot of raiding at high speeds, especially in Pre-BC and BC. In this xpac, I have done pretty much nothing other than the weekly LFR's (which is kinda why I want to move on to a raiding guild; progression is progression, even in a personal sense). I have pretty good situational awareness and coordination.
My *dream* times are on Fridays and Saturdays at like 4-7 PM since I'm on the East coast and I don't do anything on the weekends, but I'm super flexible.
hey there Prajitura, we would love to talk to you in game if you are available. you can wisper me in game anytime. we are activly looking for a tank for a alt run and a healer for main runs, aswell we might need a tank for our main group so i dont need to regear most of the guys in the guild are 485+ and progressing we have a few near or in 500+. well hope to see you in game
just checking in, wondering if you have found a home yet?
We raid Friday and sat 8pm to 11pm. It's man content and pretty laid back. All current content by the way. We are looking for a new tank seeing as how we lost ours to work.
Hit me up in game zen#1446

For the record wow> work

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