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Do these even do that much since network optimisation options?

From Australia I get a 230-280 ping while playing on Illinois-based server Stormreaver - After using the trial versions it takes me as low as 220, not worth investing imho.

Does anyone use a service like this that can get into the 100-170 range?

In Cata I used reducethelag which got me to 170-190, but right now it leaves me around 240.
From what I've heard - I may be wrong, but the fastest you can get is 170ms to the US, because that's supposed to be the speed of light from aus to US.
Damn. I wonder if that's achievable with anything short of a government building connection.
I get 170ms if im on the net by myself I got ADSL2 optus melbourne based.

never seen it go lower though using lowerping, smoothping etc.

If someone in the house uses the net. I get 270-360ms. A range that is practically unplayable for Rogue class, simply too far away all the time because every class kites us :(
When i first started playing Wow i had a consistent 163 ms Home&world.
That was telstra (bigpond)ADSL+2 with interleaving turned off
And Wowtunnels (now called pingzapper) Running through special Australian tunnel ( no longer avaliable)

I recently quit wow for 3+ months because of 2k+ MS ping from Shoddy Telstra (business Digital) Internet,

Just returned with ADSL 1 after moving (still on Telstra business)
-182 Home 183 World.

I'm changing provider back to bigpond within the next fortnight or so, Which should enable me to turn off Interleaving. (Internet gods be willing) which "might" change my latency to about 165 MS. - Will report back if requested.
To be perfectly honest, I find Blizzard's ms readings to be absolute bull!@#$. I've been playing the game for years, and even with my supposed "200ms", which is what I usually cap off at unless experiencing major lag spikes, I still feel like I'm playing at the solid 500ms from all those years ago, just on an exceptionally good day.

I find it strange that the moment they implement this "home" and "world" ms, I'm magically playing at one third the latency I have for all the years previous. My usual home and world ms will hover around the 180 - 190 mark, at times dropping down to 160 which is blatantly false. While I will tip my hat to them and acknowledge a noticeable change, it's very small and basically useless for truly competitive play or getting the very max out of your character.

If you use lowerping/battleping/whatever else is popular right now you will certainly notice a huge increase in your game experience. It actually makes the game all new and shiny again until the novelty wears off.

While you used to be able to point to the ms and say "Wow! Look at the difference! No wonder it's so crisp!" that doesn't apply any more. Your ms readout won't change so significantly, but you'll be shocked at the responsiveness and ability to actually play the game that, when it comes time to sink hours into your character at endgame, you probably won't be willing to give it up.

Why do you think people have been beating the dead horse that is "Give us Australian-based servers" for so many years? Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply happy with their mediocre game experience... and that's perfectly fine, too.

Alternatively, just wait until we finally have fibreoptic in the country. Sure, we'll have to pay a ridiculous amount of cash for decent download quotas for the first few years, but at least we'll be playing at a legitimate 100 - 160ms and not this seedy blizzard alternative.


From what I've heard - I may be wrong, but the fastest you can get is 170ms to the US, because that's supposed to be the speed of light from aus to US.

Distance from Sydney to LA = 15000km. Time for light to travel to LA from Sydney = 50 msec. Time to travel in in fibre optic cable (RI=1.5) = 62.5 msec. Then double that number to take into account the return trip and you have your theoretically best ping. 125ms. Then you have every device in between that may need to relay the packet, and the device at the end that has to receive, interpret and respond to the ping.

So yeah. This guy.

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