[A] Reciprocity (10 man) Recruiting

Reciprocity is a 10 man raiding guild looking to recruit for our main raid group to tackle Throne of Thunder. We were 6/16 heroic for tier 14 and are looking to do even better in tier 15. We are looking for skilled players who can also take feedback that will better the raid group.

Raid times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM EST

We have currently filled our raid but will always accept people looking for a guild to be in.

Feel free to post here or contact myself, Elynore or Myrenia in game if you're interested.
To the top. Found a tank to try out, still looking for a moonkin!
Bump. Looking for a tank, healer and ranged dps.
Although we try to balance our group as much as possible, all exceptional players are welcome.
Are you still in need of a R druid?
Looking for an amazing dps warrior now!
Still looking for a dps warrior.
Looking for a dps warrior still
To the top! Still looking for a dps warrior.
Bump for plate dps!

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