[A] 490 Holy Paladin LF Weekend Group

Earthen Ring
My only interest at the moment is finding a weekend group raiding Throne of Thunder. I am an officer in my current guild and have been out numbered on a vote to push new content or remain in Tier 14 content. I am guessing we are going to continue to push Tier 14 for a month or two before making another attempt in Throne of Thunder. So at the time I will most likely bow out and raid Throne of Thunder with my guild; I am essentially hoping that there is a group in need of healer and will accept the idea that I will not be a permanent member of their group. I am fully willing to pass on rings, amulets, trinkets, weapons, and tiered loot to full time members should we get that far and said loot drops. I doubt this gets any interest, but I figured I would throw it out there.

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