Can't download the game client at all?!?!

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I just bought a new computer. I used to have a dell, and now I got a mac :) Yay!! But... I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO WORK THIS THING!!! GRRR...! Haha. I tried to newly download the normal game client (no upgrades) and it won't work. It opens the "World-of-Warcraft-Setup-enUS", I click on that and open it and it says that it is opening the World of Warcraft Blizzard Launcher. The launcher opens alright and then I click on "Install", I agree to the Terms...yada, yada, yada. Then after that a box pops up asking me to "Activate" or "I'm already Activated". But before I can click anything another box replaces the other saying "An unexpected error occurred while trying to install. Please try again or contact customer support." I've tried it three times, refreshed the webpage and restarted my computer (redownloading the game client from the internet each time). Can anyone help??? I just have no idea what to do about it....
I'm getting the same error on my laptop... Anyone know what's going on? Just tried to install Mac game client about 15 minutes ago.
ive tried a few times as well i hope someone from blizzard will answer this so we can get it on our computers!!!
shameless bump...
>_< Sorry guys ! Forum like totally freaked out on me there when I posted.

Meant to say :

Give this a go -

1) Restart

2) Go to Mac HD -> Users -> Shared and delete both the and Blizzard folders

3) Drag the installer to the Applications folder and try running it from there.


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Thanks I'll give it a shot and let you know if it works out.
Thanks; we have download success!
ooh! i'll try that! thank you so much!
And here I thought I had a problem. Worked like a charm. Thank you bluspacecow!
Totally worked great :) thanks! See you in the World

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