Razer Naga Mouse Right Click Problem ~Help~

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So when I hold down my right click and move and cast using my naga buttons, the right

click will unclick and will mess my movements up.

It really screws me over in raids when i need to avoid certain attacks.

Theres been another thread post about this and he had gotten his fixed but was not actually

posted on the thread.

So If anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know its very annoying thank you

for your time.

Ive also already updated the synapse so any help would be awesome.

Heres similar post: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5070668078
Im having the same problem since the patch. Originally with a Razer Naga.
Changed to another mouse and the problem still exists.
Very, very annoying issue...
bump - same issue

anybody resolved it?
ditto, works fine for other games, not this tho
So i was thinking maybe the problem is with my add-on so i turned them all off and turned them on one by one and I found that using bartender4 caused my problem. I keybinded all my buttons using the wow interface and it works fine now.
bumping this thread since i am having the same problem with the razer naga. holding down right click to turn seems to make things go wonky. it will make my character move in the wrong direction.

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