Zandalari Warbringer spawn times nerfed!

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Looks like it, at least. Grats to those that were able to take advantage and get your mounts.
Meh ill just wait till most if the server has their mounts, then ill go camp them. Hopefully pandaria never goes CRZ.
Is there anything they didn't nerf with that hotfix? Any mages get hit with some secret nerf?
Well that's all she wrote.

What with having almost every attempt at them end with another group riding in and taunt-stealing it i'm miffed.
I'm on a high pop server, so there always 5 or more people camping each spawn point, all spamming their aoe abilities. They should've just made it so anyone can tag them, like the world bosses or the rares on the isle, and everyone gets a chance at the mount.

There is already griefing going on too on my server with the mobs. Like people will come and taunt them and kite them away...
Was it really necessary to nerf the spawn rate of something that only has a 5% chance to drop one of 3 different colour variations of a mount?

It was already going to be a kick in the balls trying to get one of them, let alone all three.
it is a problem, especially when going for a certain mount. they shouldn't of done this.

*i am hopeing pandaria doesn't go cross-realm next expansion as well.
I really wish they would make these like the other 5.2 rares and let all participants get a chance at the mount. I am seeing far too much bad behavior as it is on my server without having the spawn rate dropped for these. I have yet to get a chance to kill one thanks to the other players on my realm.
CRZ would enhance the problem by dropping anywhere from 2 to 12 servers into a single zone. However my server already has cross realm groups camping our rares so....

Anyway, a least putting a faction wide tag on them would have been nice.
I just joined a group to try and kill these guys. The most helpless and demoralizing experience. We had horde somehow magically not spamming anything while 2 of our aoe spams where going and tagged? After waiting hours and hours all night. Its not worth it now imo. Ill wait till it calms down a bit to get a group.
Is there anything they didn't nerf with that hotfix? Any mages get hit with some secret nerf?

Yes. I can still /dance.
So any word on if the spawn times were indeed nerfed? Or is this just speculation?

I haven't been watching them as hard the last day or two as I was the first two days. Just wondering.
I dont think the timer has been nerfed. I had my NPC scan go off, skull pop on mini map and as i phased/zoned near him he despawned. And as i was coming from the jade forrest he despawned right as i came into Kun-lai summit. No one pulled him there was no corpse he and his skull on mini map despawned or it phased me to a zone without the spawn as i entered Kun-Lai.
Holy necro Batman.
damn nice necro indeed, al so yes there is massive phasing issues in panda land now, warbringers do that alot lol
Pandaria has been CRZ since 6.0
12/09/2014 04:47 PMPosted by Kajada
Holy necro Batman.
edit: i'm an idiot. LRN2CHKD8
I blame google.

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