WTB Heavy Junkboxes, need Rogues!

Aerie Peak
Hello all of you lovely Rogues.

I am farming for my Insane title and i've nearly come to the point where I need in the region of 1200 heavy junkboxes for Ravenholdt reputation. I am paying 15g per box, they can be partially looted if you wish.. so if you have any, or are willing to farm any for some cash please COD them to either this toon or just plain old Zerospace, no funky "o" alt character :)
Just a heads up i ended up leveling a rogue just to get this tittle, it was impossible to get enough rogues interested in farming for more than a hour only to loot 30 or so boxes, unless you have deep pockets and hire someone to farm for several days i would advise you start leveling :)
Thanks, I do have a bit of gold to burn on this but I did figure it was a long shot, especially Horde side. My AP Rogue is level 32 and climbing but any box bought is a little bit less grinding for me to do! I used to farm them for people on another realm, it's a pretty easy way to make some coin if you're in need, mind numbing but what farm isn't? :D

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