Gold Challenge Modes

Anyone have any interest in doing these? Im looking for a good tank, awesome healer, and 2 good dps to knock these out!
Id be interested and I have a healer friend who might as well.
Oh cool, add me on realID kozmopolitan#1320
Not sure about gold, but I'd love to join and test it out. Can't go wrong with a disc priest.
True that Madridis, but I am only trying for Gold, anything else I wouldnt be interested. :P
Disc priests and blood DK's are the best IMO for gold's. Heroism is a must so you gotta have a mage/shaman/hunter. Stuns are the best form of CC since the majority of trash pulls need to be AOEed down, so aoe stun classes like locks, dk's, shamans make the pulls much easier.

If you're interested in running CM's, there's a challenge finder thread over on the dungeons, raids, and scenarios forum. I would link it, but crosslinking is frowned upon.

You can also run through Open Raid as well. You can PuG through the chat channel or host/find an event on the calendar.

A little bit of advice to you and anyone that reads this: If you don't have at least 3 hours to devote to a dungeon, don't waste your time. It took me 30 minutes to get scarlet halls done, and 7 hours to see siege finally done. If you have to leave, the chances of you getting that same group back together is going to be almost impossible. A new group means you have to re-learn the instance again, not fun.

Healers should ALWAYS have restorative amber from the klaxx quartermaster. It's a fast and great way to regen mana, albeit a little expensive, but gold ain't cheap!

Finally, Don't go in there unless you want gold. Don't settle for silver. Don't "come back to it later". go in there and get gold and don't settle for anything else.

If you have any questions about any tricks or strats that I used for the dungeons, feel free to ask. I'm sure anything I did is common practice everywhere else, but hey, its a kind gesture to offer =P

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