CHI WAVE not buffed?

Chi Wave does not do double damage like GC and co would have us believe. I dont know if it is just me but my chi waves have been hitting as hard as they did prior to the buff.

What are your experiences with the spell?
I don't find it stronger, but I just added it as part of my rotational spells now, as it's free damage and healing. I use it on CD, because I still have a low ilvl and haste, so open GCDs are quite common. Been thinking of trying Zen Sphere because of the same reason. They are rotational now, not something you save for when you need the damage and healing.
I hate that I had to swap out my Hadouken...

remember when they said they were changing talents to be more of a choice?
Yeah, double the cooldown and reduced healing are the only changes. No damage buff at all. I bumped your Bug Report thread Moozh. This patch has been such a debacle.

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