The Five Sorcerers

Moon Guard
So I was really just flying around, not really doing anything in particular when I flew towards the Windspire to see a boss level NPC named Master Nguyen of a faction named,"The Five Sorcerers". He was standing on the edge while looking at a fish statue and you are able to talk to him actually. He sadly won't tell you too much. He says that his order protected secrets but won't tell you what they are and if you ask where the rest of his order is he will basically tell you,"ROFL I dunno". I leave the NPC and fly around a bit more and when I come back he's completely gone. As in I couldn't find him anywhere else around the temple or near the Windspire.

So I ask this MG: Who are The Five Sorcerers? And will they have some sort of impact on the future?
According to Wowhead for a similarly-named character Tina Nguyen, who hangs out in the Valley of the Four Winds, she's named for a voice-over producer of the same name. The other NPCs surrounding her are also named for Blizzard employees.

It's likely in this case that Master Nguyen is named for much of the same: a subtle hint toward Blizzard's secret order of Game Masters who are leading a rebellious sect against Ghostcrawler because they know a terrible se-
I found the same NPC near the Cloud Serpent Arboretum. He was very secretive.... lol. I haven't seen any of the others as far as I can remember but haven't started looking yet.

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