Grats Blizzard. You Win. You defeated me.

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I don't see why the won't have it so a player can move all toons on their account from one server to another for a reasonable price.
Ah man, I just looked Illidan up on realmpop...I feel for you. If I was alliance over there, I would be rerolling so fast I wouldn't have time to be posting here :P situation sucks.

But here is the problem. If they offered free transfers, or easier ways off, that would only make the problem worse. Eventually there would be no alliance, and therefore no reason to be a pvp realm for the horde, they won't do that, and hopefully they come up with an actual solution. And this is an extremely high populated server, so the merge or delete server argument doesn't really work. It really isn't an easy issue.
Just transfer your favorite character or re-roll. I know that's not a solution for most people but Illidian Alliance is HORRIBLE!

No one ever should play there.

I rolled my Alliance there at the end of Wrath and it was the worst decision. The best decision I ever made was transferring off.

Your quality of game play will be unimaginably better you get off that cesspool.
I don't see why the won't have it so a player can move all toons on their account from one server to another for a reasonable price.

A "reasonable" price would probably be demanded to be somewhere around $50 which is WAY less than the $275 that it normally is.

They'd probably drop it down to say $200, which would still spark tons of complaining.
I hate snow, and I moved to the northeast. Stupid Blizzard.
I started on this server.

I think my points were lost in my rambles,

(1) by making daily quests overlap with no safe havens and having rares that require groups, Blizzard is flat out saying they don't care about server issues.

(2) Stop letting people pay to transfer to Horde on a FULL server. What does FULL mean afterall?

(3) Just make Illidan (or other servers) a faction based server and allow Battlegroups to xrealm as PVP or something.

(4) Xrealm AH per battlegroup.

I hate snow, and I moved to the northeast. Stupid Blizzard.

...he's been playing there for 5 years, a fact that you and a number of others in this thread seem to have missed, or are ignoring.
People claim this isn't Blizzard's fault but imo it is for one key reason. Like someone else pointed out, Illidan wasn't that unbalanced at the end of BC and didn't start becoming extremely lopsided until the end of Wrath. When U.S./World rankings started to be known by the masses, it was quickly realized that Horde/Illidan was the place to be for raiding and people transferred there in droves. It was already a full server before the massive imbalance started. You should never be able to transfer characters to a full realm unless you already have a max level character there.
03/07/2013 02:02 PMPosted by Attilo
So then 5.2 hits and with a group of 3, in over an hour, we were physically unable to complete quests.

Go to a PvE realm, man. Or move to a PvP server that's slightly better balanced.

It's not the end of the world, though it may feel like it for now.
I'm just disgusted and upset.

More like stubborn. In 5 years you could have saved the few dollars it takes to transfer to a server more to your liking. Several times, I would think.
Reroll and stop crying.
Been playing 5 years on Illidan alliance, and as my acheive points show, I've done my best to enjoy all aspects of the game. Since paid transfer and faction change, there is now usually a 100 to 1 ratio of Horde to Alliance on. I leveled to 90 in MoP in basically Jade Forest alone as I was unable to quest anywhere. I did my dailies at off hours sticking to the edges of the zone/areas, getting killed about 10-15 times per quest. I put up with an AH that has about 1000 items by leveling each profession/farming abilites on alts so that I can craft/make everything in the game. I dealt with not being able to find more than 5 people on the server willing to raid MSV 10m, we took people in greens/blues and in 5 attempts (only 5 weeks we were able to find 10 people to go) we beat the first 2 bosses. We did a few RBGs and even won a couple.

So then 5.2 hits and with a group of 3, in over an hour, we were physically unable to complete quests. We were forced to xrealm (of course we couldn't do it together as it would phased us back to Illidan). So, we have 3 guildies who are trying to fight the good fight and we each had to xrealm to other servers to complete quests. Yet....each day Blizzard allows people to pay to transfer to a server that is listed as FULL. There is no other motive than pure greed and selfishness. I don't mind PVP, I like it, however there is a difference between PVP and a 1v40 AV. I challenge any of you Blue Posters to create a 90 on Alliance Illidan and tell me that you enjoy game play. I have nine 90s on this server and a lvl 25 guild as well so I can't just pick up and leave without a huge cost.

If the trend is to make daily quests in a zone as small as the new one, you've lost a customer. Just make server's faction based or do something to balance them. I'm just disgusted and upset.

That sucks, i wish there was a reasonable solution for you and people like you, and i don't envy your choice either.

You can either leave everything you have worked to build over the years behind, or throw fists full of money at blizzard. Then when you try to discuss the issue, you got unsympathetic chest thumping morons rubbing salt in the wound.
Blizz has some serious staying power.

I can't imagine being stuck on the same raid boss for 5 years. Way to stick it out Blizz!
Good, we're glad your leaving!
Don't need quitters like you anyways
If they cared about the long term health, as it were, of the game and its community, then they would never have allowed realm/faction transfers to begin with. And for the longest time, they didn't!
Actually, according to Wowpedia, paid character transfers were introduced in mid-2006, a little over a year and a half after WoW's release and about six months before the Burning Crusade launched. Character transfers have been here longer than expansions have been. It is hard to describe a year and a half as "For the longest time" when it's been six and a half years since transfers were allowed.

Chances are the horse you're looking to beat to blame for server imbalances is probably the cool down for transfers which was six months when the service was introduced, was three months when I started playing in TBC, was one month before the start of Wrath and is three days today.

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