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Pretty sure being alliance on mal'ganis is worse.

Yeah, realm imbalance kinda sucks. But the alternative, which is preventing players from going where they desire, is worse.
Blizzard is offering free character transfers off of Illidan to Marroroth until tomorrow. Still a PvP realm, decent progression, but much more Alliance over there.
Bring your Alliance to Azgalor. We're almost 1:1 with Alliance being slightly under.
03/07/2013 02:02 PMPosted by Attilo
Since paid transfer and faction change, there is now usually a 100 to 1 ratio of Horde to Alliance on.

He never stated he transferred to Illidan. He said that because of paid transfer it has become more lopsided. It sounds like he originally rolled there and leveled alts there. It became more imbalanced later on, after the alts were leveled. I believe his point is, that now, it would be expensive to transfer all those toons off. Also, wondering why is Blizzard allowing more people to transfer onto a full realm.

Unfortunately, it comes down to the bottom line. Blizzard makes money when people pay to transfer toons or faction change. They did offer free transfers off full realms when MoP launched because of que times. I believe Illidan was one of those realms. Perhaps wait to see if they offer that again. It would be a free transfer to another pvp realm, so just research the choices out on wowprogress (or another realm info site) to see which one has a larger alliance base.
I honestly feel for the OP on this topic. Even though my similar expirience was on a PVE server. Back at lvl 80 the end we decided to have fun with the circumstances but we rarely won WG. On the other hand it was a blast walking around and ganking a group of 10 players while you were on your own, because with 20 tenacity at the time I recall dropping dots on all 10 rather fast and healing for about 100k per second and with only 1 dot per person watching them fall dead before I could get a second dot rolling was pretty funny.

Even if we did win WG due to fluke or lack of horde interest you were really hard pressed to be in there as horde would occupy inside just in front of the boss/instance entrance..

The real issue was with new content, when new content/dailies arrived the opposing faction would all flag and hover over the quest givers. When I joined that server the ratio of horde/alliance was about 2-3% in favour of my faction, when racials for horde side starting looking pretty hard to skip over for hardcore pve players we began seeing a mass exodus to horde. Even now A52 is sitting at something like about 140,000 horde players and 20,000 alliance. Problems like this exist all over the place and if I was horde I would go there if I was unhappy with my current situation, or as alliance head to Stormrage..

The moment a free transfer arrived our guild moved on.

This community is pretty harsh, a lot of people seem to feel cool by saying things like "gg loser", "you just figured that out now", "you made a bad choice" etc etc.

I read the post as hearing a pretty frusterated player seeking any level of compassion from the community at all and as always was generally met with the harsh reality of this community.

So to the OP, this is a game you bought, most likely several expansions and then $15 a month for the last 5 years, your fun is not required, your cash however is appreciated to help fund the opposing side of your scenario.

It sucks the life out of you when you see every little administrative change costs "x" dollars when you already put a fair amount out. The only way you will be happy however is to transfer, otherwise time to check out a new game because issues like this are almost never resolved at this company (especially these days).

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