Which Monk spec is your favorite?

Just out of curiosity, I really like my monk while questing, but I was recently wondering what people thought of it from a Raiding/Endgame perspective, being I haven't really experienced endgame content before. They all seem fun and have a pretty high skill cap (at least for someone like me who's new), though it would be cool to see what all of you have to say about your favorite spec.
Windwalker since Day 1
Brewmaster, bar none. I'll also play windwalker, but very rarely (usually if I got too much other stuff on my plate, but still want to run a dungeon as well).
I like the concept behind MW healing abilities, but I really dislike fistweaving. If they were ever to add 4th specs to all of the classes, I would want them to give monks another healing spec and better flesh out those two roles. Then, some monks could be full healer (which I would personally prefer), and some monks could play the half-healer-half-dps role. This would be a lot more efficient than trying to balance the two in one spec, much like it was easier to separate tanking and melee dps for druids.

I think WW is my favorite, as bland as the DPS role is in my mind. I was initially very averse to the "hit stuff with your hands lol" thing, but I've come to find the spec incredibly fun and engaging.

Same with brewmaster, for the most part. I find it challenging to pull off, which makes it a fun spec to learn. Lately I've been so hyper-focused on keeping shuffle up, I've been getting 30-50 second shuffles but not paying as much attention to purifies, spread damage, and using my elusive brews effectively. I imagine most learning monks struggle with the same things, which is why healers hate us so much >.<

The whole class is just a blast in my mind. Every spec has something that WoW players haven't really experience before. I know it's really underrepresented right now, but I hope that they'll keep the skillcap high. I'm also 100% certain that monks will have their OP day in the sun. Just takes time.
Brewmaster for sure. very active and requires a lot of control over your character.

I used to run as WW but I find myself playing MW more often in my off times.

Though this question is more about roles than monk specs. I'm a tank and next most challenging roles are healers if not equally as difficult in some respects.

DPS just bores the hell out of me. Any meathead and spam a rotation while avoiding fire.

As for leveling and questing. BM are hands down the most efficient. You can solo dungeons till about max level and pull as many quest mobs as you need, AE them down and loot.
Windwalker been testing out a Brewmaster little bit and I'm strating to really enjoy it, I'm a bit rusty but it's still cool.
Play WW more than MW, but MW is def the spec that has me having the most fun in general.

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