Mage lf late night raiding group


I'm a 488 alliance Mage looking for a late night raiding group. I'm available to raid starting at 11:30pm server time any night.

I have a lot of raiding experience during wrath and cata but my raid group fell apart at the beginning of mists. I'm a quick learner and study my fights. I'm looking for a group that raids consistently, works progressively, and has fun while doing it.
Hi Targar. Serenity is an Australian raiding guild who may just suit your needs. I'll paste my obligatory guild spam below, feel free to contact us if you would like some more information.

About Us

Serenity is a Australian based semi-hardore progression raiding guild on Proudmoore. Our major goal as a guild is to clear raiding content as it is relevant while having fun and enjoying ourselves along the way. We are seeking a few additions to our team to help us as we push further into heroic content. Applicants with previous raid experience in the current tier will be highly regarded.

Current Progress

• ToT: 2/12


Recruitment is open for the following classes & roles:

• Ranged DPS: Mage, Warlock, Balance Druid & Elemental Shaman
• Melee DPS: Death Knight, Ret. Pally, Enh. Shaman, Monk, Rogue & Feral Druid
• Healers: Mistweaver & Holy Pally
• Exceptional players of all classes and specs are encouraged to apply.

Raid Schedule

• Our current raid schedule is Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday: 7pm-11pm AEST (12am - 4am server)


• Good class knowledge & consistent performance
• Positive attitude to progression raiding
• Full preparation for all raids
• Maintain 80% raid attendance
• Have fun & contribute to an exciting guild atmosphere


If you feel like you would be a good fit for Serenity or would just like to know more:

• Visit
• Whisper Lionella, Kaaris (Kaaris#1259), Tempesst or Tinyhealer in game for a chat.
Hi The Midnight Society (25) Is more or less a casual group that likes to down bosses. We are in dire need of a good mage or tank, would prefer bear/pally but anything besides a dk will work. We are 5/12 and raid fri/sat 8-11pm server. If you're interested please send in game mail to Liquidated/Chrisykins with your exp/ilvl. Or of course reply to this post. Thank you!

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