Rival 1/12H ToT LF RDPS!

Who are we?
Rival is a Progression guild focused 10 man raiding on US - Mal'Ganis. Its members are former residents of US - Dalaran where they were among the top 3 Horde raiding guilds. With current mile stones of 12/12 H ICC 25/10, 11/13 H T11 25man, and 6/7 H FL 25 man and 8/8H DS.(all within their current patch cycle.) With the declining Dalaran at their backs, many current members of Rival decided to re-roll / transfer to US- Stormrage where they progressed in 10 man to 5/8 heroics in DS then to a 25m atmosphere where they quickly reached 8/8 Heroic within current cycle. Now pushing for MoP 5.2, the guild is currently 6/16 H 16/16 Normal, the leadership has come together to Mal'Ganis with the goal of a dedicated progression atmosphere with a competitive nature in a ten man raid environment without the harsh raid times. Currently in 5.2 we are 12/12N 1/12H ToT.

Tuesday (9 pm - 12 am CST)
Wednesday (9 pm - 12 am CST)
Thursday (9 pm - 12 am CST)
Sunday (8 - 11 pm CST)*optional - Times may vary*

Our current needs are:
Currently we have decided to up our roster to 12 raiders to accommodate group balance and scheduling conflicts.

Hybrids of Healing/DPS specs AND DPS/Tanking specs

We encourage all exceptional applicants to apply at our website posted down at the bottom.

Who we aren't.
We aren't the super-hardcore, we don't raid 7 nights a week, we don't rotate in 15-20 raiders on our normal roster. We definitely are not looking to hold-hands or spoon feed content to less experienced players. We do not tolerate drama queens, loot !@#$%s, or complainers. We are not looking for World or US firsts, but remaining focused and competitive, while having fun is our main goal.

What do we expect?
When searching for and joining a guild such as ours, we expect potential applicants and recruits to be well-versed, as well as;

-Knowledgable - Of your class of course, but other classes abilities and limitations as well.
-Informed - Keeping an ear to the ground on new encounters, strategies, and changes to the game.
-Maximize potential - including all consumables (FOOD, FLASKS, POTIONS) and professions (gathering is for alts).
-Experienced- With current content and preferably BC/Vanilla content, especially pre-nerf Tier5 and Sunwell difficulty and all experience with in current patch cycle. (Current logs are required)
-Committed - If you have upcoming circumstances which will keep you from participating, it's probably not in your best interest to apply.
-Dedicated - To the game, and guild, if you're on the verge of quitting the game, do not bother applying.
-Courteous - If unable to attend, a notice would be in order.

Our trial period is just that, a trial. You'll be judged on your performance, but also your ability to mesh well with our current members, and your overall attitude as a person. ( may include a short personal interview.)

Loot Rules:
3 man operated loot council. (loot is given based on key standards.)
-improvement for progression and guild in general.
-Guild output

How to join!

PST Artemisya (battle tag - Artemonie#1655) in game for questions!
Drop an application at www.rivalguild.enjin.com @ APPLY! In current need of multiple positions to fill our roster.
bump pump
I am quite interested. Including a link to my post on the recruitment forums.


Would be great to stay on Mal'Ganis!
Give me a little while to get with the GM and we'll be in touch. Thank you!
Horridon and Council down!
Tortos down! Come on heals!!!!
LF Healer!!!
I was once was not in a guild, and had a life. Now I am in a guild and have no life.
Ill bump this i guess, btw LF Warlock and Hpal/Rshaman
499 iLvl Holy Pally.

Interested! On a different server, would love to speak to someone! The toon would be my lock over to the left :)
Updated with current progression.
Still looking!

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