Silent Hotfix Of Auto Loot?

Did I miss somewhere in the patch notes the auto looting portion of Prospecting at least has been greatly increased. Normally during the week I'll prospect roughly 5000+ and prior to the patch the auto loot portion of prospecting seemed to be nearly instant. Also to the point where I could cast prospect right after the global cool-down was reset and the loot would already be claimed and could repeat this until the stack was done. What I've been noticing now is that the loot time between prospecting ore and picking up the materials is approx 1 second per material+1 second to be placed in the bag and the ore to be removed. That's at times 4 seconds just to loot and it's getting boring. Why was this nerf not advertised? And it is not a latency issue because I have numerous friends having the same problem.
Update, also disenchanting is taking a long time for the item to clear my bags. No so much the looting of the mats but the item to be removed from my bags seems to be taking a while.
Same for the disenchanting issue. I don't know on the prospecting.
I see posts like this and I try to wait cause this is usually enough to get an answer from a blue but I've been waiting patiently for a few days and nothing. Could there please be some sort of reply to this. Is looting slowed down intentional? Is it just the profession created loot? Prospecting right now is horrible when done in bulk.
Blues do not post in this forum. I'd report it in the bugs forum as that wouldn't seem to be working as intended. I did all my prospecting/milling the weekend before the patch so I haven't had to resupply as yet. I'd hate it to take longer than it already does.

Good luck finding answers.
Bugs forum if your looking for a fix, general if your looking for a blue.

Professions forum is almost 100% about players helping other players.
I'm still having the problem.

And I milled about a hundred stacks of herbs today. :O
I noticed this the other day and attributed it to server lag, but interesting that others are experiencing a similar issue. Seemed to be slightly better in Pandaria than it was in Stormwind, but still not great.
^ What Nahela said.

I've noticed it while prospecting, milling, and disenchanting. I'm assuming it's from all the general lag present post-5.2 release. Hopefully I can enjoy my lag-free game once again soon because it's becoming rather annoying :/
I was having the same issue and decided to do something crazy. I hearthed to shrine and then fly out into Vale and stood on top of one of the giant mogu statues away from everyone else. The looting was considerably faster. It seems annoying to step so far away from a bank/mailbox but the time you save from the autoloot and more importantly the frustration will help much more.

TLDR: Get the heck away from everyone and prospect/mill/disenchant in a peaceful secluded area. It isnt AS fast as it was pre patch but it is much faster than while doing it in a major city.
I'm going to try that sometime, then. I'm thinking Deepholm: easily accessible from Stormwind, and generally deserted.
Also noticed the slowness bigtime... it seems anything above a "common" level item does this.... If it's green or above.
Also noticed the slowness bigtime... it seems anything above a "common" level item does this.... If it's green or above.

I'm curious—what makes you say it's this, instead of just having to loot multiple items, like others have said?

I can't actually tell myself. When you're milling you get one white-quality and possibly one green-quality item, so the "multiple" and "green" categories are the same for me.

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