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This is the new thread for The Moon Guard Celebrity Character Registry -- the old one got a bit messy.

The Registry itself can be found at:

That is where you will be able to read full character entires with Fame-O-Meter scores.

At this time I am looking for three things from Registry participants:

  • If already listed, then please make sure your info (fame, race, history) is all up-to-date
  • If you would like to list a character/event/organization, then please use the templates below
  • If you find this resource useful, please report the thread for a sticky so others know to look for it
  • Celebrity Character Registry and Fame-O-Meter

    This is an RP resource thread. Sometimes we have discussions about just how famous our characters are, or whether someone would know about another player's character IC even though they have not interacted. I believe the only fair way to measure a character's fame is to let the player decide.

    How it works...

    In this thread players may post the name and race of their character, a 50 word explanation of their claim to fame, and a number from 1-10 reflecting their position on our patented Fame-O-Meter. Characters who are not famous should not be posted as it will only confuse the thread. Infamy will be treated the same way as fame but make a note of it in your explanation.

    The Fame-O-Meter...

    The Fame-O-Meter measures character fame on a scale of 1-10. It breaks down something like this:
    1 -- famous in a small village or small organization
    2 -- famous in a town
    3 -- famous in a district
    4 -- famous throughout a city, large organization or army
    5 -- famous among an entire race
    6 -- famous over a continent
    7 -- famous across a faction
    8 -- famous throughout a planet (with the exception of remote places)
    9 -- famous across worlds
    10 -- famous to all people in all times

    What does this mean for RP...

    Just because a character is on the Celebrity Registry does not mean that your character needs to acknowledge that fame IC. There are always reasons why a person may not be familiar with a figure that everyone else would recognize.

    If you do put your character on the Registry, other players may freely recognize you IC when appropriate (so not when you are disguised). The Registry is here to facilitate RP and create new RP connections especially in walk up RP -- Hey, isn't that So-and-so? Let's get his autograph!

    An Example entry...

    Name: Pylsur
    Race: Night Elf
    Claim to fame: Pylsur is the enfant terrible of the Darnassus music scene. She is known for rap battles with the authorities. She runs a record label and has been involved in several local scandals.
    Fame-O-Meter score: 4

    If it seems like a good idea, we can add player-created items and organizations at a later date.

    NB: Anyone who wishes to be listed on the registry will be added at the Fame rank they choose -- though I reserve the right to not list people whom I am ignoring.

    Here is how to write up your EVENT...

    I would like EVENTS approached generally the same way we did characters (stick to a 50 word summary). The template would be:

    Event: Rap Battle in Darnassus
    Faction: Alliance
    Expansion: Cata
    Summary: Pylsur engaged in a rap battle with the Keeper of Songs in Darnassus during her trial for hooliganism. Many Night Elves were offended and a microphone was dropped.
    Fame-O-Meter score: 4

    Choices for Faction are Alliance, Horde, and Cross-faction.
    Please list the expansion it occurred during because I will probably list them chronologically.

    The Fame-O-Meter score reflect who would have heard of the event, not necessarily who would have directly participated in it.


    Organization: Elune B-Sides Record Shop
    Faction: Alliance
    Claim to fame: A local shop in Darnassus where traditional and non-traditional Elven music is sold.
    Fame-O-Meter score: 4

    Lord Andry Byrne
Lord Lurvantis Sunwhisper
Madelynne I Albrecht, HRM
Battlemaiden Yora Stoneheel

    Kaayna Lanakila
Björn Blackmane

    Systar “The Frostlord
    Qerrathien Moonsong (Formerly, Osellea)

    Rennali Sunwhisper

    Bishop Grace Whitewood
    Zuchen Bai Zhou Gentlefist

    Catelynne Elaine Mallister
Danyl Graves
Keeper Aldreon Verdantclaw
Augustin Stondarr

    Shan’do Ashta Nightrayne
Auramis Lightbourne
Darion Blackmorn

    Caelera Ravening

    Valitheria Nightseye

    Lord Standhaft Garithos

    LodaarOrazio Garibald

    Kadrick Meysha

    Avulstann Cromwell

    Salley (Poe) Stonebinder
Ferenold Stormshend

    Bruce O’Donoghue

    Lady Janette Hohenzollern IV

    Eryyk E. Thorn

    Marren Darksorrow

    The Scarlet Butcher ((Alexissmith))

    Ovello Worg’kalar
Shennae Charlotte McCann


    Hranu "Ghostpaw" Hawktotem

    Nhuala 'the Ironclad' Baenhoof

    Forte D'lanastion
    Githnji "The Butcher"

    Nakawe Mossrunner


    Finaj Blightbull


    Captain Xanishi Zul'Kunda

    Avalissa Sol'zoun

    Evylyn Sunrunner


    Fawn Dawndancer


    Raserus Bloodfury

    Lady Azriah Illythien
    Elizabeth "Sreek" Harden

    Vespasia Sunfury
    Shirexia Sunsorrow


    Full celebrity write-ups can be found at:

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