Blackout Kick scaling...

I did a search and didn't really find anything that I was searching for on this subject.... so here goes.

First off, let me represent myself by telling you I play twink BG's. Currently my Monk calls the 20-24 Battleground home. I BiS'd Agility gear and got BiS Agility enchants as well as the Monk food (20 Agility) and 5% Agility Buff. This puts me pretty high above any normal twinker on the amount of Agility my Monk runs the Bg's with (Currently 241 Agility at level 24).

I am a little dumbfounded at the Agility scaling of Blackout Kick. My Blackout Kick delves for 230-270 damage with 241 Agility. This seems CONSIDERABLY low. With resilience and armor in place this equates to approximately 160 damage (or thereabouts) Blackout Kicks non crit. With well over 2000hp in this bracket I find this extremely laughable. My curiousity leads me to ask (even though I have absolutely no intelligent reason for asking) does Agility affect Blackout Kick? My first assumption is yes, since Monks use Agility Leather, but I can't for the life of me figure out why my Blackout Kick is so low with such high Agility.

Am I missing something profound, or is this just by design and gtfover it and move on?
Bumping to hopefully get an answer
Blackout Kick scaling is pretty wonky right now, It's actually wasn't even worth using it over SFB (pre-5.2) because SFB did more damage and cost less Chi. It's not until you get MOP-level weapons that it even surpasses SFB in damage. Poor design, but unfortunately that's the way the cookie crumbles.

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