Rate the hunter's name above you

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Inspired by similar threads on other class forums, not expecting anything spectacular on mine because it's so.. normal.

But eh,

I'm Kain.
7/10 I guess yours is right to the point, eh
+5.0 for no special characters or intential misspelling (ie Bayken)
+2.5 for an original name.

7.5 for Beylian

I guess it follows, then, that you get a 5?

P.S. nice shoulders.
10 because.
oh wait this is a name thread LOL, funky choise for a hunter, ill give you a 9 for mental creativity

Sounds cool when you say it out loud.
8/10 - is that spanish (or some other language) for something? looks it...
9/10, I like the word personally but it's more suited to a lock imo.

Not that I could talk mine should be a pally or warrior name if anyone knows the reference.
Its different. i like it 10/10
<= Is OP So just rate me/skip meh.

8/10 for Meiling, it's rather oriental. Almost sounds like Mailing, though.
Should have kept that for your panda bank alt! Huehue.

Helm and shoulders are a nice pair, too.
Lmao @ Orion the Astral Walker getting the lowest score. Especially when up against Goblinhunter of the shattered sun ...

Anyways, I gave a little rhyme and reason to why I gave Beylain a 7.5.

Personally, Penseroso, I would have given my toon a better score.

Something like ...

+5.0 for no special characters or intentional misspelling (ie Leegolus)
+4.0 for an awesome name / title combination
@ Orion - I like the name. As far as names go I give it a 10/10. Extremely fitting for hunter. That said, Orion was a dude. Admittedly Draenei female are more masculine than the males of most races, and we are swinging more down below. Fem hunter is still fem hunter though. So I give you a 7.
10/10 I love your name. It's sexy and cool. Like Draeni. :D
7/10 Not a bad name, but particularly lacking some zazz.
3/10 seems like a name for a feral druid

rp name is Vernen Grimwald
@ Vernen

6/10 it's kind of normal but kind of not? Reminds me of Harry Potters Uncle.

My 5 year old named this guy, go easy on him lol.
@ Zyst

Creative for a little guy, nothing wrong with that! haha

8/10 for the imagination!

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