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+points for clever troll name and actually being a troll
-points for Lynx rush


I try to work "roy" into my toon names. Not always successful, but I'm just not that into clever video game names because I'm old and ornery. I will say, "Farmer Hunteroy" did look funny when I got that title.
5/10 Not a super-interesting name, but I can appreciate working "Roy" into all of your names, so I guess that worked out.
6/10 only because i think it would make a better pet name

Wouldn't want to meet you in a dark corner of the undercity with a name like that...

Wow, there are some jaded Hunters here...
7/10. its short and simple and pronounceable.
Named after two characters created by my favorite fantasy author. Can the person who rates me guess the author without using google? LoL...........safe travels and good hunting....Kull.
Robert E. Howard. I'm not a huge fan of him, but I'll give you 7/10

My name used to belong to a male tauren, just FYI >_>

Funny but spelling is awful
10 for you nourahuntard love it
8/10. Clean

Obviously. If people dont know why, I feel sorry for you

Obviously. If people dont know why, I feel sorry for you

haha, in BG and DG the people just stop and start to talk with me because my name. I fell fabulous
Very nice play on words, but, 6/10.
9/10 because I'm hungry and it makes me think of DONUT. Mmmmmh donuts.
Gulf just seems like a cool undead name for some reason haha, i can't really put my finger on it but it just sounds badass when i look at your armory..


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