Rate the hunter's name above you

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Thanks! 8/10 for you, as I like how Alvarie sounds when said out loud.

LF more ratings haha
Not my favorite sport but not bad 8/10
Fun to say! 8/10
Fitting for a nelf 6/10

Randomize button much?

@Hadoukens, it's not golf, it's Gulf, like the Gulf of Mexico, etc.

dont really get it

nothing bad about it, just seems ordinary.
Violin is an interesting name. Very artsy. 10/10. Especially since its one of those names that one would think would be very hard to get.

Draxan, unless looking for the barefoot look, go to sunwell and get the T6 boot and belt piece. Then back on the island, go upstairs where the vendors are that sell exotics (basically using T4-T6 tokens for the pvp counterparts) and one has the boots and belt for sale using the T6 token. Its on her first page. I just picked them up myself.
Randomize much?
Have you watched DJango?
My real name is jungho so hence DJungho.
Your name blows tho
Arn gets 8/10 but negative points for special character :p
@zerfal 7/10 would of been a pretty decent troll hunter name seems odd on a night elf

5/10 Meh...
7 for originality.
Can't find any reference to it at all other than these forums.

6/10 - I personally would not name a toon for a school, but props for supporting your team


btw if anyone has seen the movie predator you should know my name ;)

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