skinning broken or nerfed

Having the same issue since 5.2 on both my skinners. Leveled a skinner up after 5.2 and noticed from the beginning all the way to 600 that the perk was not working. Tried on my other skinner on many different skinnable creatures with no luck. Tried seeing if being reinvited to guild would help, which did not. Is there any word if this is being looked into.
Same here! D= Leatherworking has become a nightmare for my poor Shaman! Hours upon hours of skinning x....x
When skinning for light leather i was getting 1-4. Medium, heavy, thick, and rugged have only dropped 1 piece every single time. Not only have I not gotten a proc of bountiful bags, I have yet to get more than one piece of leather per skin.
I have always farmed the goats for leather because they come in a reasonably sized pack and can be aoe'd down. it has only been since 5.2 that the return rate on the skins has been abysmally bad.

- Just as a guess, maybe Blizzard lowered the leather output of this mob because it is easy to find big groups and AOE them quick.

"Its outrageous! unless mining and herbalism have been nerfed (haven't seen that so far)"

Other professions are irrelevant.Nobody ever promised that one would be exactly as easy or hard as another, at every conceivable level. And with every human player having a different definition of what is "fair", "even" or "balanced", it would be impossiible to even try.

What is the AH pricing for this leather these days? That is probably what Bliz is trying to balance. Is this level of leather still more expensive than lower levels, and cheaper than higher ones?

"this makes leather working, or at the very least leveling leather working by way of skinning impossible."

Maybe so. If they are also super expensive at the AH (like 15g per skin) then this is a real problem. Otherwise not. Nobody ever claimed that you could level leatherworking by getting ALL your materials by Skinning yourself, in a reasonable amount of time.

I believe the situation is similar in Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Engineering. Levelling a crafting profession usually requres gold...or a whole heck of a lot of patience to gather things. So much patience that, now that gathering gives XP, I considered leveling my LW/Skin Priest from 85 to 90 just by skinning turtles. I know I got at least one whole level of XP on my 87 druid just picking up Herbs and Ore.
also Banetooth, since you appear to be the only skinner here who is not experiencing the problem.. care to share exactly what mobs you are farming instead of implying the issue is purely our imagination?

Why in the world would I give up that? How about you explore Pandaria and get back to me.
yea but they nerfed skinning 2 times already and never said anything about it
Strangely enough, I get the most leather by growing them on my farm. Easily provides enough leather to do the daily cooldown. You can't get scales this way, however.
It's still broken. This is seriously annoying. Is it a bug or a stealth nerf?

If it's a stealth nerf - wtf?? WHY.

If it's a bug - FIX IT already.

Are they waiting to see if anyone quits over it before they allocate resources to try and fix it, or at least respond?

It started at the same time they stealth nerfed our auto-learned FP's. Took them two weeks to say anything about that. This has been over a month.

Anyway - Lol. I already know they don't care what I think. Just letting off steam here.
I actually filed a ticket about this, asking for verification that the drop rate had gone down and if it was deliberate or accidental and got a very cryptic reply saying "The dev's haven't cleared any GM-related resolutions for this" and goes on to say that essentially, they're unable to confirm or deny if there is a change and/or problem.

Reading between the lines it implies that there has been a change and that the GMs aren't authorised to say anything about it, which is fair enough, the GMs don't make announcements, but it would be nice to hear the "official" word from Bliz.

Incidently, I'm with Lumine, rather ironically, my main source of leather now is growing them on my farm, that will give me just under 1.5 stacks from 8 plots. Enough for my daily LW learning lesson.
I recently leveled skinning from 1-600. I only got multiple leathers from light leather skins or scraps. I have only gotten 1 leather from each mob otherwise. It's made leveling leatherworking an absolute nightmare.

I also sent in a ticket and got an automated response of: We are aware of this bug and are working to fix it. In the future please use the "Report Bug" feature in the support menu.
I've noticed this to, makes leveling LW on my monk completely unbearable
yup i filed a ticket to and the gm said he dosent know and i should fill out a submit suggestion and he will forward it to some one so i can talk to some one and nothing happened

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