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What makes a friend for you? Do you look at the people you talk to everyday on WoW and say "This is my friend!" Or do you see them as nothing more than role play buddies? Fellow raiders? Fellow guildmates?

We may know a lot of people in this game ( and this forum ), but how many of them do you consider friends?
A friend is someone who is not an enemy

I tend to live and keep things simple
Someone that you can talk to about anything. That even if you're busy and space grows between you, you can talk to whenever. It's that friend that lets you bum on their couch for a couple days instead of paying for a hotel at blizzcon :D
If I talk to them at least once a week and like them, I consider them a friend.

It's a varying level of friendship depending on those two factors.
My only friends are patriots of honor. The rest of you scum are worthless to me!

There are some people that I would say, "Oh that's an in game friend or an acquaintance." Then there are others that have become friends IRL as well as in game. It varies. No matter what though, I consider myself very blessed to know the people I do. :]
Most of the people I play WoW with were my friends before I even started playing. I have been blessed to meet several people on here who have gone from mere acquaintance to friend. I've found many people to be so much more honest and actually nice in-game than I would have though. It's definitely humbled me, and for that I am eternally grateful.
I'm very picky about who I call a 'friend'. :(
I think there are different types of friends. Friendly acquaintances, casual friends, good friends, etc.

Some friends you may just know and chat with them a little if they're around. Other friends you may be happy to see around, or even look forward to chatting/doing stuff with.

Personally, I think the "best" kind of friend is one you can talk to about almost anything and be honest. You're both there for each other. Both can vent, support, have fun, and help each other. You enjoy talking, hanging out, rping, and so on.

So you can have a bunch of friends, just not all friendships are the same.
There are perhaps just a few people I would consider a 'friend' and others are people I talk to. Really, they're all my friends, but as Ninwyn said:

So you can have a bunch of friends, just not all friendships are the same.
I was actually thinking about this the other day. There are three qualities that I look for in people before I call them a 'friend'.


All of whom I consider friends have all three qualities, or at least I choose to believe so. As soon as a friend shows that he or she cannot live up to all three of the qualities, I do not consider them my friend.

Of course, I give a lot of chances.
Someone who dislikes you can be all of those things.

Unless of course you mean loyal to you.

However, the others require no clarification.
Someone who dislikes you can be all of those things.

So? I said that all my friends have all three of those qualities, and those who don't quickly don't become my friends.
I "know" a lot of people, but don't consider them all "friends."

My "friends" on wow are mostly just people I know. However, I do have a few good "friends" who I did meet through wow back in the Vanilla days. At least 3 people who I consider real friends, who have actively kept in touch over the last - what - 8 years? We can pick up an old conversation out of nowhere, talk about just about anything, share personal feelings on things, trust each other, etc. and generally have mutual feelings in the friendship. These friendships didn't happen overnight. They developed over time. At first, we just "knew" each other. Then we became friends, and now those 3 individuals are some of my favorite people in the world. :D

I've even met one of these friends. But typically anyone I meet on wow is just someone I know, someone I enjoy playing with, just a guildie, etc. Not a "real friend," unless that kind of friendship is developed over time.
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I think there are different types of friends. Friendly acquaintances, casual friends, good friends, etc.

I agree with this. That's exactly how I feel about the people I meet on wow. There are a few "good friends" I've made through wow, but everyone else fits into that "friendly acquaintances" category, or sometimes the "casual friends" category.
Anyone that doesn't completely annoy me. Which is fewer people than one would initially guess at.
I select among the strongest of my friends to protect me and support my position as ruler. I call them the Litorian Guard. This system can't possibly backfire.
I tend to watch and observe potential friendship candidates (PFCs) for a prolonged period of time. If they display the qualities that I look for, I may deem them worthy of contact and propose that they swear their allegiance to me in an eternal bond of friendship. Occasionally there will trials and tasks they will be required to perform, as well - it depends largely on my mood.

Only the most elite are given such a privilege, and they cherish the opportunity.
it is my pleasure to service aurinaka.

uh, i mean.. serve. yep.

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