Moving sale! LTS Bank and Mog gear in it

I have long enjoyed the MOG business on Dalaran, but as my main has moved and my primary alts will be moving w/ banks shortly I find that I will be lacking time to keep said business functioning on Dalaran. (Plus transferring guilds gets in the gold erhmmmm I mean cash IRL - I can only justify so much)

Therefore, I would be interested in selling a 4 or 5 tab bank w/ its mog contents at a agreed upon wholesale price for tabs/content. (If you are really interested in further inventory we can talk about another bank - but one step at the time) If you like you may contact me here and I will get in touch with you or via battletag Cheekymunkey#1756. No spam please serious inquiries only.

If you have always complained you have no gold - good opportunity with reasonable investment. MOG has consistently been my highest yield market.
I know you have a crap ton of transmogging stuff, I'm curious why you wouldn't want to take it with you? Move it to an RP server, at least.
I am taking a crap ton! crap ton grew to be more of a crap ton than is feasible to pay for moving banks. I gave myself a limit of banks to move sticking to it. Figure 98 slots per tab - 5 tab storage banks.....yea its more than I can IRL justify moving. I took one bank am preparing another to move, will do one more later (maybe). Server/faction/GM to move the banks - gets expensive. (Mail doesn't move if it did I would be golden)

Nevertheless, still good opportunity for someone.
If you're still selling, I'd be interested. Contact me in game Almonds#1288. Thanks!
Cheekey its Divine if you need me to hold onto a guild bank or two for you I can. :)
Well hey there! How ya doing? thanks for the offer...but that is part of the overall plan. So far loving things here so looking to centralize operations on new server. Going to do some MOG on new server just on much more scaled back inventory basis.

Appreciate the offer and hope things are treating you well; come by and give us a yell sometime!

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