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What up everyone. My guild is looking at moving to a new server as Aggramar is complete trash for hordeside. My guild was able to 9 man the first boss because we can't recruit a decent dps. For the last 2 months my guild has gonna through 9 ranged dps that are complete garbage.
Anyway enough of the crap you care not about.
Our raiding times are Tue, Thur, Sun 7-10 Central.
We are looking for a server that meets a few requirements.

1) First off is there a queue time for the server? If so how long is the average queue about 7 central?
2) I can see that progress is way beyond that of Aggramar but is there a decent player base to recruit from? Not a fan of moving over just to have the same issues.
3) How is the eco on the server? Is the AH over priced underpriced etc?
4) Also how is the pvp on the server? Most my guildies arnt pvpers but i am on my resto druid. Are there several guilds running rated BG?

Thanks to all in advance including the trolls.
1- No

2- The server does have it's share of bad players, but on the good side, we also have some amazing players, you'll just need to seek and recruit them :)

3- It's normal

4- Since CRZ went live, we've been having some fun VS alliance from other servers, alliance side on Mal'Ganis is dead, as far as RBG goes, we have few guilds that run them, & some good teams that are always LFM in trade.

If you decide to come here, then Welcome to Mal'Ganis in advance :)
1. No
2. Pugs are for me the #1 reason to move to Mal'ganis. It provides something to do on your downtime as well as make it easier to gear up alts. It is the norm to have 5-10 different pug groups happening everyday.
3.Half the price for things then on the server I just transferred off of.
4. KT Alliance are always fun to gank / have epic 200 v 200 battles with. RBG's are constantly going on at all levels of play.

Extra Credit: After browsing through other servers we have one of the highest Population to PVE progression ratio out there, Mal'ganis was the #2 US Realm with 5k less players then #1. We also beat the few other servers that had a significantly higher population the us.
Came back to the game after 18 months off, and took advantage of SoR to get onto a better, more populated realm, Mal'Ganis. I'm not even max level yet, but I'm very glad I did. Trade chat is constantly full of pugs, where I was used to a "medium" pop realm barely able to get a group together.

Looking forward to 90 and jumping into everything the realm has to offer.

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