A Gathering of Storytellers [Possible Event]

Moon Guard
As the darkness of night settles in across the land, so does the silence. The townspeople migrate indoors for the night, clearing the cobblestone streets of the city until there is nothing but emptiness and faint shadows casted by the dim lampposts that light the way. The canals are a smooth mirror of the cloudless sky above. The twinkling stars and bright, shining moon cast a soft light upon the flowing waters; the rhythmic sound would echo against the stone of the city and lull the citizens to sleep.

But not all are ready to slumber.

From the darkness of the alley emerges a tall figure cloaked in rich lavender, all but her glowing eyes concealed by the silk material. She moves swiftly and subtly along the stone buildings and crosses the canal towards the mage quarter of the city, fingers gripping the amethyst cape tightly around her body as she slips into the shadows once more. Her silver gaze is fixed intently upon the narrow path as she navigates her way to the opposite side of the district. As she reaches the clearing at the foot of the tower, she pauses momentarily and reaches her hand out into the moonlight, letting it fall upon her pale cerulean skin. The corner of her mouth curves slightly as she steps out into the open and heads across the lawn.

The clicking of silverware and the hum of chatter is barely audible outside of the tavern. The mysterious woman steps onto the stone porch of the Blue Recluse and with one swift movement, she removes the hood of her cloak, revealing the tattooed face of an elf; the moonlight illuminates her long, silvery hair as it falls gently to her waist. Without hesitation, she pushes the heavy wooden door open and slips inside, leaving the darkness behind.

The tavern is dim and crowded as the elf makes her way towards the steps, slipping past staggering men and hurried barmaids until finally she reaches the second level. She unties the silken cloak and drapes it over one of the heavy chairs before taking a seat next to a scruffy gentleman.

“What have I missed?” She whispers to the man with a smile as the dwarf seated on the opposite side of the table continues his story.

“…Aye, but that’s not even the worst of it! The ogre tried to smash me head in with a bludgeon! Bloody idiot nearly fell on me tryin’ ta swing the damn thing!”

“Oh Belgar, you’re not telling that old tale again are you?” The night elf grins at the bearded dwarf who suddenly seemed surprised to see her.

“Well if it ain’t Obscura! Ye late again. If oi didn’t knoo any better, oi’d think ye didn’t appreciate me adventures!” The dwarf would glare at the night elf, but his expression became soft as a smile fell upon his lips. “Perhaps they want to hear the one where oi saved yer !@# from the—“

“No, that’ll be enough. Continue with the ogres,” she said, quickly cutting Belgar off.

“That’s what oi thought, now where was oi…”

“You were finishing up the story, Belgar,” says the gentleman next to the elf, a smirk playing at his lips as he winks knowingly at Obscura.

“Roight! And that, folks, concludes the story! Barely made it out alive, oi did!”

The crowd around the table chuckles as the dwarf proudly takes a swig of his ale, unaware that he'd been duped. The rest of the night would consist of more tales of bravery and adventures. The travelers gathered every eve of this night just to reminisce of their past journeys. It had started off as a simple way to unwind, but had become a regular event where travelers of all sorts gathered to share their stories.

Sorry if that sucked, I'm a little out of practice LOL anyway I'm thinking about hosting a public event where travelers from far and wide may gather to share stories of their adventures. Would anyone be interested in something like this? Or does someone already host something similar? I'm thinking it'll be hosted at one of the various taverns in Stormwind, maybe once a week or once a month. My guildies will obviously attend this regularly, as we're a guild of travelers, but to broaden our roleplay, we would invite all roleplayers to join us for these storytelling events. Even if you just want to hang out and listen to other people's stories. I think it could be interesting and fun!
I would definitely be interested in this. Especially since it would happen more than once. I could tell a story sometimes, or just stop by to listen at other times.
Stories are fun! Too bad I dont much get out of the grove.
This sounds fun. I'd love to come, and maybe bring some of my guild-mates too.
Yay! I'm glad there is some interest :D

Shaobing, that's exactly the idea. Ferenold, that would be awesome. Our characters have yet to meet ICly! xD
Excellent idea. I'd definitely attend on one of my characters. I'd also suggest varying the location, because Stormwind tends to be rather crowded and full of chatter.
This sounds like a great idea!

When are where? I already tell stories to a small group of friends who I'm sure would love to hear more stories, so this seems like the perfect event for our little group.
Lara, I agree. I'm sure the location will vary from place to place, but since I would ultimately like it to be a frequent event, I'd like for people to know when and where it occurs so they can stop by often to see if anything is going on. I definitely agree that Stormwind gets a bit crowded, though, so perhaps we'll try Ironforge or some other location.

Ramallen, it's an idea I'm currently working on so there's no date or time set yet, and as I mentioned above, the location may vary.

I'm really glad you guys are interested! I'll continue to work on it so we can set the date and time for the first gathering! :D Maybe we can have a few guest speakers volunteer to start off the first event, and we'll go from there.

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