Secrets of the First Empire

Killed Horridon last night. 2 guildies on the quest received the Secret of the Empire item for the legendary quest, the rest of us on the quest did not. Working as intended?
Apparently not. I'm the master looter and have yet to get one while my guildies are getting them occasionally. And we've had 6 boss kills so far, 9 for me counting the lfr kills. Still no Secrets for me :(
It's just really random, and probably more rare than the first sigil's we had to get.

I'm on my 3rd Secret's of the Empire, and that's with 7 total kills in reg, and the 3 in LFR. We don't do the whole Master Looter thing in our raid group, just need/greed.

It seems slow at first but we'll get our 20 soon enough with progression and increased LFR accessibility.
only have 1 secrets of the empire, it is working as intended.

make that 3 now as of this week.

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