"The Winds Against Them" - ** Open RP **

Moon Guard
*These events will remain on hold for the most part until Shazia's events have come to a close. While Elysiux will be active, and should be considered a threat ICly, he'll not actually attack until a later time. He may make an appearance or two, however.

*A file pulled forth and hung on the wall in the war room of the keep would bear the information before you*

Officer's report, Commander John Stirewalt of the Lordaeron Military,

While I cannot attest to the accuracy of the events that have been conveyed to me, seeing as all this scourge business has brought forth confusion. It would seem we've heard several reports of a Field Commander gone rogue, much to the surprise of his peers down in Andorhal. It's rumored that he's betrayed and killed his father, along with many of the other Knights serving to Andorhal's defense against the seemingly-limitless forces of the scourge. I've also received word that the bastard's brother is on his way down there now, to resolve the situation. This "Elysiux", as he's known, might prove to be a bit much. His combat record shows that he's one of the fiercest warriors in the Lordaeron military, though his officers have scribbled down notes that he was -exceedingly- brutal in his physical approach. I suppose that makes sense, given the events that have transpired here.. Anyway, I'll need to go. There are those here that need my help.

** Another report, posted only days after Shazia's release of the plague, hung next to the original **

Lord Ivay Osrana, Knight of the Silver Hand, Former High Paladin of Andorhal,

It's been over a decade since word of my brother's death, or disappearance rather, had been brought forth to me by a ragged-looking messenger. I thought nothing of it, having not seen him since the fall of Lordaeron two years earlier at the time. Though I'd be lying if I were to claim that he remained entirely absent from thought over the years. At any rate, with this whole "plague" outbreak, Stormwind and her people are already on high alert. Now, in my pursuit to bring forth justice to those responsible, I've uncovered something most troubling..

While word of Elysiux's return wouldn't typically bother me, it's on the conditions of said news that I grow restless. Only four days before I last met with him on good terms, he spoke to me of an artifact he wished to seek out. One known as the "Bonda'aras" artifact. He claimed it's power to be unfathomable, capable of nearly bending the fabric of reality. Of course, it had been buried in history long before the age of men. He said with it, he could bring balance. He could rid the land of all evil, summon armies, level entire regions for development. He also warned that the artifact was capable of such power that, if he acquired it, none would stand in his way. While I thought nothing of it but a fairy-tale at the time, it's the recent events upon his return which frighten me. Last Saturday, myself and other members of the Silver Hand, accompanied by Sir Narimas of Darnassus, and a Priestess known as Thyana made pursuit of Elysiux in Kalimdor. We'd recieved word that a man looking like an older version of me had been spotted with a lot of less-than-friendly looking armored guards.

After a long stretch of tracking, it became obvious we were being hunted. We'd eradicated a few of his forces, but were stopped in our pursuit after encountering some degree of radical, and untraceable, power. It brought forth a variant of the plague in Stormwind, in a weaponized form. It also ended the life of one of Elysiux's men just as he was about to reveal to us Elysiux's whereabouts.. If all that my brother claims is true, he'll only grow stronger with the artifact. After his betrayal, I fear that he still seeks vengeance upon the mankind for "allowing" Lordaeron to fall. This may prove to be a crisis, I'm afraid..
Ok, so I've been planning out the "Elysiux" character for a long, long time. And now, seeing that the people of Moon Guard are MORE than capable of banding together to combat some new, unimaginable threat, it seems only right to release him upon all of you.

If you'd LIKE to participate in the RP, please post on your own behalf, or on the behalf of your order to do so. We'd also like for certain Horde guilds to get involved to "band" together with the Alliance, seeing as in the end Elysiux's overall goal could result in.. Well, it'd be really bad for everyone.

This RP will not be an "over in just a week or two" thing. In fact, I have enough planned events, storyline development ideas, etc to make this RP last into probably May, or June even. Elysiux has been dreamt up as a new antagonist for Azeroth (largely because this idea snowballed out of hand.)

The second event is to take place tonight at 9:00 server time, find Ivay in game, or someone else who is a moderator for "The Coming Storm p2" and get invited. Otherwise, we'll deploy from Darnassus tonight at 9-ish.

** A little about Elysiux, the Bonda'aras, etc **

While assumptions, bragging and all other sorts of claims that you'd be able to overcome Elysiux in a one-on-one fight, as that might be your character's nature, we'd like Elysiux to be feared for the most part, seen as an opponent only to be defeated by a full-scale effort. Therefore unless it's planned at an event prior, he shouldn't really be attacked if he shows up in Stormwind (Though he won't really do so, since.. That doesn't make sense for him to be in Stormwind.. Yet.) Anyway, if you DO see him outside of a planned event, assume that the Bonda'aras is protecting him, and would likely disintegrate most weapons before ever making it close to him, and would repel pretty much all forms of magic.

The Bonda'aras is his source of power. While I can't reveal where it came from yet, the story is pretty well thought-out. It taints his mind, and Elysiux will grow insane as he become more powerful with it. But otherwise, it allows him to do things that would otherwise seem impossible.

This SHOULD make for a great RP, and we'd love for a LOT of people to get involved with this.


- Your friendly neighborhood Ivay
(( /Squeal!

This looks awesome, Ivay, and I'be happy to help you in any way that I can should you need it. ))
Bump, because this is about to generate some serious interest.
"This is only the beginning, Arhious. I am but one Hand, and the weaker by comparison. Elysiux awakens."
Eysiux awakens.

I read this as Elysium and was wondering why you were a villain.
(( Lol Ferenold. ))
(( Where are you Icly Ivay so we can talk about it in person. ))
((Already jumped in on this via reading your message icly, and through Ramallen. Sounds like fun!))
Unfortunately Chey Can't participate but I have a host of characters to choose from :D So yay!))
((Already jumped in on this via reading your message icly, and through Ramallen. Sounds like fun!))

(( Where are you Icly Ivay so we can talk about it in person. ))

Just find Ivay whenever he's online, he's usually in the Cathedral. I'd be more than happy to discuss it.
Sounds good. I'll try to contact you when able! :)

Lord Ivay Osrana, Knight of the Silver Hand...

I still read that as Lady.
First important Elysiux event next Saturday at 9:00 PM server time!
Events might unfold tonight, 3/16/2013! Stay tuned!
Yessss! 9:30 tonight in Stormwind!

And so shall the sanctum halls be marked by the blood of righteous spilt.
SO, as of now I've simply redesigned Ivay for the time being to serve as Elysiux. We're in full swing, as I've revealed myself. Ivay has been taken hostage, somewhere unknown, and no one even knows if he's alive. Another event Saturday night!
I would like to participate, if there's a place for me to fit in.
Had a run-in with the Blackstone Order, be sure to attend the event at 9:00 PM Server Time one Saturday! ))

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