Trinket procs + Tigereye Brew

Since we can hold 20 stacks of brew, should I be using brew every time i get 10 stacks? or should I hold 10 spared for trinket procs.

For example: Start the fight, build up 20 stacks. Use 10 stacks when i reach 20, while still saving 10. Then using 10 stacks for when proc trinkets come off of cd and rinse and repeat.

Or just stick to chugging brews the second i get 10 stacks?
If you have trinkets that proc, hold the stacks. Or if you can RSK then go right into FoF, that's probably not a bad place for it either. The entire point of it stacking to 20 now is we can be a lot more skillful in how we use them. This is what will separate the skillful players from the herd. We essentially became somewhat harder to pull average numbers out, and even more difficult to pull optimal numbers out.

If you don't have proccable trinkets on a long stable damage fight, it really doesn't matter when you use it. But that likely doesn't happen. Most bosses have times when it is best to simply unload everything you have, then go back to regaining stacks in less optimal conditions.

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