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Is there an addon that tells the rare timers and when they will spawn or how long they have been killed on the server? apparently there is one as i heard from someone on my realm. could be helpful on the isle of thunder
No lol, closest thing you get is npc scan and npc scan overlay
Doubtful. Something like that would also rely on other players having the addon and the data would have to be uploaded somewhere. If you're looking for rares on the Isle of Thunder, just follow the giant group. For the old rares in Pandaria they have a 1 hour respawn timer minimum and all rares in that zone respawn at the same time.
I think the Isle of Thunder rares are around a 30 minute timer give or take. Or you could just watch the general chat and follow the groups like someone else said.

IoTRares. When you mouse over an alive rare it will announce it in general chat (unit ID, name, health percentage, and coordinates). When the mob dies it'll record the time since last kill in a black box.
There is actually an addon that when you type "raretime" or "raretimer <npc name>" in general chat it will tell you how long ago estimated that rare was killed. i do not know what its called, i am currently searching and will update if i find it.

It appears the name of said addon is RareAnnouncer
Hour 34 of Rare Spawn Search: Casing Shadowmoon Valley for rare spawns "Ambassador Jerrikar" and "Kraator". Food and water running low. Fatigue setting in. Eyes getting heavy...not sure how much longer....I can keep flying in search....
Only thing Ive heard of is NPC Scan, but it doesnt get as totally intrusive as you want.
yea a addon like that would be fantastic but it is unlikely it will ever be a thing
Necro threads are a thing.

On Sunday.

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