LF Boomkin/RDruid and Spriest/Hunter for 5.2!

Hi All,

Are you a boomkin or a shadow priest looking for a fun, progression oriented raiding guild? Well you are in luck! <The Eleventh Plague> guild is new to Stormrage and we are in need of 1 boomkin/resto druid and 1 shadow priest or potentially a good BM hunter. As always, we are looking for STRONG, talented players for our core, heroic progression raid team. We would prefer you already be significantly geared so that you match well with our current team (we are mostly between 495-500 iLev as of 3/8/2012).

Before we get into the humdrum raiding info that's in every forum post, let me tell you about the FUN side of EP!

1. Trivia! We have guild chat trivia for every major holiday (and quite a few minor holidays as well - "Talk like a Pirate Day" anyone?) - every question answered correctly awards gold from the guild bank and the overall winner receives a large gold prize and oftentimes other fabulous prizes (pets, etc.)

2. Guild Events! We try to host intra-guild War Games and various other competitions for fun and prizes!

3. Very active guild facebook page

4. The Great Month-Long Guild Bank Event! We host this event usually once per tier. Our officers create a list of materials needed for the guild bank (or sometimes silly and useless things), and we assign point values to each of these items. Guild members then donate as many of these items as they can over a 1 month period, while officers tally their points. At the end of the event, the winner receives fabulous prizes inluding:

- a new guild rank until the next event entitling them to free guild repairs until the next event
- HUGE gold prizes (usually 15-20k for 1st, 10-15k for 2nd, 5-10k for 3rd)
- Mount/Pet Prizes from the Blizzard Store for 1st - 3rd place

5. Fun outside of WoW - many of our guildies like to play games outside of WoW together as well, including Diablo 3, League of Legends, and others.


The Eleventh Plague was founded 3 years ago. Our core raid team is a 10 man team focused on efficient heroic progression. Our raiders are only available to raid Tue/Wed nights (8:30-12:30), yet we are generally able to maintain progression comparable to many other 3-4 night guilds at our same level. Going back the past few tiers our progression has been as follows:

Throne of Thunder - only one raid night so far, but first boss down, second boss in the works!
MSV/HoF/Terrace (6/6 MSV, 4/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 Terrace)
Dragon Soul (8/8H)
Firelands (6/7H)

- Guild repairs are offered during raid days for all raiders
- When possible, flasks and pots are provided by the guild for core raiders
- Loot is distributed via KSK (Suicide Kings), we maintain 2 loot lists, one for main spec gear
and one for tier gear
- Mumble voice chat client is mandatory (speaking is also mandatory! no listeners-only in our raid team)
- Virtually perfect attendence is an expectation of our raiders, with only 2 raid days a week, this
should not be an issue
- We expect all raiders to show up on-time, ready to go
- We expect raiders to have availability to raid the duration of the full raid night,
on a stable internet connection, and a stable system (i.e. no laggy laptops/desktops)


If you think you'd be interested in a raid spot on our team, reply to this post, apply on our
website at www.eleventhplague.guildlaunch.com, or send an email to eleventhplagueguild@gmail.com so we can schedule a time to talk to you over Mumble.

Still looking!

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