hunter pet avoidance broken in 5.2

Bug Report
The passive ability that gives all hunter pets 90% dmg reduction from aoe currently does not work. It is giving no dmg reduction and any aoe that would normaly have to be moved out of by a melee is 2-3 shotting pets into space.

I've found that it's random what it's broken on and what it's not. Pandaren rarespawns spinning crane kick does full dmg same with klaxxi rarespawns, birds on isle of giants do full dmg same as warbringers and all their aoes, some mogu mobs do full dmg and some don't(rarespawns do full voidzones/orb aoe on mumta). Haven't done it yet but have heard some bosses in HoF do full dmg during their aoe phases making hunters worthless on any boss that does.
I would also hope this is considered a bug and not "working as intended" because any boss this affects makes hunters an empty slot in raids and gimps our soloing potential when there seems to be no issue with locks or dks soloing still.
I've heard the same complaint from locks. Haven't test it myself.
Yeah I was thinking something was wrong here pets been going down fast like a Prom dress and I was thinking something was bugged. Hopefully this is looked into
Avoidance is also broken for deathknight pets.
It's definitely got to be a bug. My warlock is now entirely incapable of downing 5.0 Pandaren Rares. Spinning crane kick not only insta-gibs my pets, but health funnel can't do anything to combat it.

My options become:
1.)Pet dies, and I am at range, so chi-burst nukes me.
2.) I am in melee range and pet dies, and now I am eating damage as a cloth wearer.

Frustrating to say the least.
I understand DK pets are effected too.

I wish Blizz would at least say something about it.
Is this going to be addressed or ignored.

Pet avoidance still broken. My pet is still getting crushed with AOE damage. Spinning crane kick just wipes him out.
There is a longer Thread addressing this issue

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