According to noxxic Arms>SMF>TG for anything bellow heroic ToT gear.

I tried a dps test myself with no raid buffs on an elite raid dummy and did ~83k dps as arms and ~73k dps as TG over 3 minutes.

What do you warriors who have tried both specs in ToT think? (with raid buffs and whatnot)
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According to noxxic

well there's your problem
03/08/2013 05:33 AMPosted by Shanksy
According to noxxic

well there's your problem

Well what's the correct site to use? I myself use Noxxic as a way to see the top dps charts.
Icy Veins has yet to disappoint me. I'd suggest that you check it out.
Icy Veins has yet to disappoint me. I'd suggest that you check it out.

Does Icy-Veins have DPS Charts though? I currently use Icy-Veins for more in-depth insight on my class. I use Noxxic now just for the DPS rankings.
Noxxic sucks.

I think they're both about equal, assuming you have similar ilvl weapons. Dummy DPS isn't the best tool since Fury scales better with raid buffs, and is still much better during Execute phase.

I'm personally sticking with Fury. I do much better as Fury, probably due to the comfort level. Arms I find myself staring at my bars and thinking too much as opposed to Fury where I'm much more reactive. But if you're more comfortable as Arms, it's certainly viable now.
They're really equal tbh
I believe its like this atm, SMF slightly higher then Arms/TG but with gear scaling and such all three should be hovering the same (meta included) also the tier set bonus is stronger for arms :> not by much though.
With the new haste buff i am noticing a significant rage generation increase, for fury. Not saying to go reforge all haste or anything, but with the buff, Fury(IMO) definately creates better #s.

You still are a little dependant on your procs. But over a set period, on a testing dummy i pull more in fury that in arms.
Noxxic+Dummy testing == all the wrong answers, always.
All 3 dps specs are relatively even in 500ish ilevel gear, with slight edges going to smf>arms>tg, somewhere around 510-520 ilevel smf/tg start pulling ahead of arms.

This can be shown here:
506ish ilevel

536ish ilevel

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