I need your help Monks

Okay so first off I want to say thank you for stopping by and helping I will take all suggestions and use them. I am desperately in need of help with my DPS. So my gear level if 486 something I just recently accomplished. However when looking at websites and what not to see average damage for players with my Ilvl I see them hitting 80K to 90K DPS. Where as myself I am barely even reaching 60K. This sucks in my opinion ive worked really hard ive wasted quite litteraly all the gold ive made on every character testing out this theory and that with my monk gem and reforge wise but can never seem to get over that 60K dps hump.

My rotation is the typical one you will find on just about any guide.

Jab to generate chi, using expel harm if im low health.
TPS or BoK if it procs
Then BoK as a chi burner.

my haste is easily at 6.7K and I constantly seem to be running into points where I notice im out of energy and have to wait a few seconds to generate more chi and I cant seem but wonder if maybe I STILL need more haste. But maybe im wrong.

Like I said thank you and all help will be utilized that's given to me. Thank you before hand you will probly get another thank you from me later if what you give me helps.
Keep in mind you do not want to use fist of fury if any of the following three will happen during fists of fury:

1. RSK comes off cooldown
2. Tiger Power buff falls off
3. Energy will cap

If you violate any of those three conditions, Fists of Fury will usually be a damage loss instead of a slight increase to your damage. This gives us a pretty small window to actually make use of it sometimes, and it often stays off cooldown for awhile, but that's one of the primary skill points for the spec.

We'll run out of energy now from time to time. That's the nature of melee. Make sure now to include Chi Wave in your rotation any time you don't have the energy (or Zen Sphere if the box has a big hitbox; Chi Wave has bounce issues on big bosses)- though I've started to weave it into my rotation if my RSK is just about to come off cooldown, and I don't want to spend chi on BoK or don't have the energy to jab/expel harm. That's the key that I've found. Start practicing until you can almost reflexively use RSK as soon as it comes off cooldown. Blackout kick may be most of our damage, but RSK is still the big nuke in our toolkit.

Well that and making sure Tiger Power doesn't fall off. It's ok if it is down for a second, but all too often I find it falling off just as RSK is coming off cooldown and I don't have chi for both. That's a big no-no. And the hard trick is to wait until tiger power has 3s or less without running into this problem. Sometimes you may have to sit on a little extra Chi. Take advantage of ascension and try to have a little bit banked away from time to time to cover for little flubs like this.

If you can afford it, reforging a bit of your haste back into mastery might not hurt. They kneecapped our sustainable damage somewhat in return for more burst, so might as well take advantage of it.

Keep in mind the 80-90k damage you see is probably close to the absolute top damage you'll see at your iLevel at weapons. Even the devs have noted our spec is hard to pull out perfect numbers on. The 'average' player like myself is never going to get close to that. With somewhat better weapons than you, I pull about 75k sustained on most boss encounters - sometimes up to 80k if I'm really on the ball but that's a rare occurrence.

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