Flight paths while leveling?

I'm not receiving flight paths while leveling my monk. Is this a bug, or has this been reverted to the way it used to be back in day?
No this changed for whatever ridiculous reason. I actually just stopped leveling today because I can't stand running through half the "continent" just to get to my destination. If they wouldn't have ever given us all the FP's it wouldn't be a big deal but to give them out and take them away is just plain dumb. Leveling is more of a chore than ever now.
Leveling is more of a chore than ever now.

Well, I don't know if I would go that far. But I do agree that giving them and then taking them away is troubling.
Ok. Thanks for the replies. I've played since vanilla, so exploring the world was the real wow to me anyway. Thanks again for the info.

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