(H)<Enigma of Steel> Recruiting 10m for 5.2

Looking for more to fill out 10m raid group for 5.2. We are a semi-casual raid guild looking for a few more solid players and people. We are in particularly need of tanks at the moment.

Raid night are 8-11 server, 2 nights tues-thurs (still deciding on which 2). We can provide food, pot, flask, and repair for dedicated raiders.

As a semi-casual guild we are not very interested in heroic raids. Main goal would be to clear regular mode content before next raid patch. We were 16/16 in early February, but have lost a number of members since then.

Guild is mostly mature players, have been around for awhile as a guild, and know each other well.

PST or mail Rokktar in game for more details.
Love this guild.
resurrecting an ancient thread to ask if any of you guys are from enigma of steel formerly of area 52

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