WoW Bucket List.

Moon Guard
Everyone has something they really want to do in this game, no matter who you are. Recently I started going down my personal WoW bucket list and started wondering what other Moon Guardians have on theirs.

It wouldn't be a thread without me putting my own up for yall:
- Get my danged RBG mount (OH PONY YOU ELUDE ME).
- Obtain Battlemaster
- Obtain Khan
- Have one of every pet possible (to include the REALLY hard to find ones like Tyrael's Hilt and Darkmoon Rabbit).
- Finally get the achievement mounts that have eluded me (ICC, I'm looking at you!)
- Have a complete Azeroth recipe box
- Dig every archaeology artifact!
- Own the 100k yak

There's mine, so MG, what's on your bucket list?
to win
to win

Is this because you have already loved?
I also want the pvp mount as well as Grand Marshal title.

Grand Marshal Garithos baby.

Edit: above are my realistic wishes but below are my impossible ones.

Legendary Axe called Othmar's Oath.

Terenas' lost crown.

Vyrkul model or at least new updated human models with the option of a real chin so I can take off this helmet and look like my father.
Gladiator mount.

Don't really even care about the whole ".5%" thing.
I just want an armored drake that isn't a skeleton.

Starting arenas this season but meh.

Edit: Aurgh. Why does it keep posting on my warrior?
  • Acquire shield from ICC25.
  • Acquire 'improved' green transmog set.
  • Hit 2200+ PvP rating as a Prot Pally.
  • (RP-related goals, will not spoil.)
  • ̶C̶o̶n̶q̶u̶e̶r̶o̶r̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶N̶a̶x̶x̶r̶a̶m̶a̶s̶

    I'm ready, A'dal. Come and take me away.
    I would like to eventually hit 2200 either in RBGs or Arenas without being considered 'carried'. I want to earn it.
    Establish a raiding guild and get it to 25.

    -Obtain Onyxia Mount

    -Hit Gold Cap

    -Obtain Invincible Mount

    (Those last two may or may not be related.)
    Jeweled Onyx Panther

    Grand Expedition Yak

    Complete all raid tiers from every expansion. Still need to kill Ragnaros Cata version, Still need Throne of 4 Winds and still need to do Ruby Sanctum.

    Successfully construct Thunderfury.

    One day be able to equip said sword.

    Truely find a guild that suits me perfectly.
    obtain Every legendary possible

    hit gold cap

    get my damn t8.5 set on my warrior!
    - Own the 100k yak

    1. Ashes of Al'ar
    2. Blue Dragonhawk mount (I'm only 40 mounts away!)
    3. At least 1 PvP title.
    I would like to have soloed most old raids and my goals revolve around working myself into a position to do that.

    Once I have soloed a raid instance, I will happily take folks with me.
    1. Tabard of the Lightbringer for my paladin
    2. The rest of the mats for my engineering rocket (Almost there)
    3. The ability to merge my original WoW account with this one for old titles/achievements.
    4. The rest of the Bloodfang set for my rogue. I have the worst luck with those boots. They drop for every other toon, but never the rogue.
    If your old wow account isn't tied to a battle net account , add it to your current one then log on to each character on the old one to get the mounts and titles.
    Jeweled Onyx Panther.


    PvP a lot more often.

    Obtaining more parts for the transmog sets I been working on.
  • Acquire shield from ICC25.
  • Acquire 'improved' green transmog set.
  • Hit 2200+ PvP rating as a Prot Pally.
  • (RP-related goals, will not spoil.)

  • Holy hell Stax. You are STILL going for that thing?! I remember going with you back in the day for it, I thought you would have gotten it by now.

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