Horridon 2 or 3 heal

Hi all,

Just wondering what kind of success everyone was having on this boss. When we tried 3 healing (me as disc throwing in atonement on the adds with resto shammy and I healing the add tank and raid and holly pally tunneling the boss tank) we were having trouble even getting past the second door. Also too many dots were going out which made it difficult to heal.

When we two healed and I went Shadow, the adds seemed much better, but we just had a problem getting past door 3 because healers were generally oom.

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful, how did you guys generally find success on this boss? (Our dps is slightly low as we also had trouble on adds for Sha last tier and we were working on that when 5.2 hit)

Thank you all for any feedback! :)
On Tuesday we tried two healing with me as shadow, but barely got to the third door on our best attempts. Last night we 3-healed it (HPally, RDruid, Me as Disc) and 2-shot it. Atonement becomes wildly OP as the fight progresses and Horridon gets a larger and larger damage debuff.
2 heal. do not atonement adds. dispel during first and third group and shield tanks. atonement tunnel the boss the entire time other than that.
2 heal, only problem is with the dispels.
I would argue that you can cast your Atonement spells at the adds before the first boss smash, as the boss does not have a +damage taken increase at this time.

I two healed it with a Holy Paladin. The outgoing damage was much lessened with good dispelling. Be quick about it!
We 3 healed every fight so far. I find 3 heals easier, especially on dispels. It helped having me as Shadow + 3 healers.
I normally two-heal with a holy pally.

We tried both two heaing and three healing horridon.

3 healing it initially felt much easier. Dispells were much more simple. Mana was less of an issue. Until the transition between door 2 and door 3. We had sooo many adds up at door 2, it got too nutty.

So we went back to 2 healing and got our kill.

Interrupts on the priests (door 2) are key.

PoM those with dot before dispell

Atone off Horridon. Use PI+AA at the 2nd door, and 4th.
We didn't have much difficulty 2healing it with a resto Druid. Problem with 3 healing is that, you will need much higher dps to manage the adds which is the essential part of this boss.
Also, you shouldn't be doing atonement on the adds. You get damage bonus on Horridon as you get through each gate
Make sure your group is killing the right order on the adds. Also warlocks now have a dispel that hits up to 3 people. So if you have a warlock in your group that will definitely save healer mana.

We have been 2 healing with myself as disc and a resto druid. At first it would seem like we would need 3 healers, but then after some work we realized we really just need to clean the fight up. Once it is cleaned up and people do what they are supposed to, there is very little to heal honestly. We now get through the first door with both of us at 80%+ mana.

I'm going to stress that your group focuses the correct adds, rather than all out aoeing. We only get 2-3 sets of debuffs going out on the first door now, I usually mass dispel one, the warlock dispels one, then we sometimes get a last set as we transition because I think we just don't transition very well, but usually my mass dispel is back up for that.

I see nothing wrong with helping dps adds on the first door with atonement, since the damage modifier on the boss has not yet been applied. I dps the adds to help get them down faster. Faster the nasty adds go down, the less healing there is to do.

I think the biggest issue with this fight is it is very different for dps. Most dps have only been spamming the boss, stepping out of something, spamming the boss, stepping out of something for quite sometime now. This fight requires your dps to focus a target, switch the focus for priority, interupt, and possibly dispel. It also has you avoid several things while doing this. It's a lot for a lot of dps to handle and has quite a learning curve IMO.
I can see how difficult 10 man could be. You probably have to dispel as much on 10 as on 25. When we went in as a 10 man to see what the fight was about we made it to the 3rd door with 3 healers one of them being a monk for rivival? Is it? Not too familiar with MW monks. Anyways it actually helped a lot for poisens.

Back to the topic of discussion. You need to be on your toes with dispels and keeping the raid topped off I wouldn't focus on the boss or adds as a healer just yet until you're more comfortable with the fight. 3 heals would work but the boss also has a soft enrage but that's totally irrelevant right now if you guys make it to that point and dps is an issue you can also have tanks spread and kite.

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