Storm, Earth, and Fire bug?

03/08/2013 01:38 PMPosted by Monkæy
i dont expect a single target increase, what i expect is that they dont add an ability that directly decreases it single target.

You mean, like other cleave abilities? woahhhhhhh

Just from running a couple of quick sets on recount I was getting a 10%-ish dps loss. It is close enough where they should probably change the mechanic or note the single target dps loss in the tooltip to keep from confusing people.
This ability is complete garbage..

Looks sweet, but if they die with one hit like they do, then its not worth it Imo.

I liked my monk before all these changes, now I'll go back to some other class thats worth my time.
Not to mention the worst part about this ability...

You switch to your SEF target and lose a ton of damage...
Where is all this information about the spell being designed for aoe and not single target, nowhere in the tooltip does it state that they will not mimic moves if a target is shared.
People angry that an ability is working as intended?! The horror!
i personally want to thank every one of you for contributing to this post this just made it make so much more sense to me lol cuz i too did the same thing and tried it on the single target dps and i was like omg sad D:! cuz this was hands down my favorite ability in wc3 lol
People angry that an ability is working as intended?! The horror!

if your spending globals on something that doesn't do anything, then no, Its not working as intended.

I have also been frustrated at trying to use this ability in a number of fights. Horridon is a great example. your spending a lot of time putting clones back up. as much as i like the Idea of this ability, I wish they'd have given us keg smash.

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