Looking for Oondasta

Bleeding Hollow
has anyone seen him and if so at what time did he die?

if you're alliance please dont read this post, cause you guys suck... nothing personal
You smell
I was the best once, I'll have you know!
Not long; Did Read
I popped him with my fo fo at 3 fiddy ayyyyyy m
also helladin you're on alliance now so we're not friends anymore... and if i catch you waiting for Oondasta spawn imma death the !@#$ out of you bro
been looking for this guy since tuesday :( help a brotha out and be on the lookout
No you were mean to us saying that </3
Oondasta killed ... saturday 8:53pm ... got shiny dung loot. Ty for comming for 200man oondsta maybe next time we wont crash the server :D


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