Horde Weekly Elegon farm. Saturday 8pm EST

Pùll here! Back again searching for players looking to farm the Elegon mount now that MSV is cross-server. I am looking for all players interested in farm this mount in an easy fast-paced run. The run is currently set to be a 10 man raid, however with enough sign ups on OpenRaid, granted a comp worth running shows up, I can make it 25 as well.

All bosses will be killed on normal mode only.

Achievements from the boss with not be a goal for this week, but that will change in the future.

You need to have completed the instance already, 6/6 Normal.

Bonus rolls will be added to this mount as well +3 for every week you attend, up to a total bonus of +60.

My other runs are currently: ICC25H and Ulduar Hard modes. I lead these raids in hopes the mounts will eventually drop.

Interested? Please look at the rest of the information/requirements at:
http://openraid.us/r/82370 or add me at Push#1424
The first raid will not be this week (3/9/13) but will begin on (3/18)13),
Count me in
y u no get a lockout at elegon.... you can do it the same way that people do heroic lich king and yogg 0 that way you dont need to kill 4 bosses :)
It'd be nice to just kill Elegon and bail, but I think its a better plan to just clear the instance, its not like normals take long, and that way it gives people a chance to do transmog as well.
Sent a friend request your way.
Looking for tanks and healers for this weeks run!
If you added me for this, I may have accidently deleted you during my real id clean up, if you don't see me, please re-add me!
Bump, still need tanks and healers!

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