So I just want to point out some math.

So with the recent changes with monks... Just to test different sets to get the best possible damage but here let me break down the damage.

So if before the patch I could use tigereye brew to get 20% more damage and I could use Rising Sun Kick to get 15% more damage to the target I am attacking....So total 35% more damage.

Now, with the new changes lets address the nerfs you gave us. You hotfixed 10% damage to decrease stance of the fierce tiger (hence now at 10% more damage down from 20%). And before that took down rising sun kick to bring down to 10% more damage instead of the before of 15% more damage. So NOW Rising Sun Kick is 10% down from 15%.

So with the new changes to our mastery which I WAS extremely happy with when I FIRST saw them. I am able to get my 10 stack up to 35% more damage...Alright sooo now take 35-10-5=20%....So instead of doing the norm 15% up damage all the time....I do 15% damage less now; unless I pop my Tigereye Brew.

Which means I will be doing that same 15% damage that I once did plus the 20% from the OLD TIGEREYE BREW hence reaching 35%...Sooo in essence all WW monks are doing 15% less damage now to a single target until they pop their Tigereye brew depending on how high they got their Mastery Ability; I know the new WW monk PVE gear had added mastery going to it but the WW monk PVP gear still stays the same. And we would have to lower the amount of likely crit we have, to get higher mastery to make it more. SOOOOOOO...I saw we actually got nerfed last patch with those changes---But regarding that "change" you could say that it is almost staying the same.

Dont get me wrong I love this class more then my old boomkin, but I played that class since vanilla up until this expac. And they only became viable pvp wise in LK. And all I am seeing is another boomkin situation from back in BC.
Yeah this change sucks, wasn't thought out well at all (hotfix) and hopefully the developers won't be a bunch of lazy !@#$%^-s (Ghostcrawler) and will actually look into tweaking mastery and or reverting the stance nerf with a proper nerf / tweak to mastery, rather than a last minute "oh *!@#" decision to nerf our overall damage by 10% instead of actually taking the time to properly balance it. WW is going to be trash in competitive PvP thanks to this.

Monks were FINE DPS before this change ... I don't see why they simply didn't make it so that mastery would MILDLY buff TEB ... not MASSIVELY increase it.
Literally, I don't think anyone would be upset with just reverting all the relevant changes at this point.

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