(Story) Sundered

Moon Guard
(( This is a Story I wrote about, well my paladin after a particular moment of RP that caused her quite a bit of distress and anger. It was used to start up a follow up RP with a friend of mine and well I kinda wanted to put it out to the forums. Just cause well. I wanted too. I just hope everyone enjoys it, though I wouldn't mind some critque about my writing also. Enjoy! It really depends on how I feel if I write up the RP that followed into a story as well. Just depends.))

She panted heavily as she limped through the exit of the cavern. Her armour was rent and bleeding red. It was a stark contrast to the dirty white armour she wore. A grimace on her lips as she collapsed to her knees. It had been only a few hours since she had left her mentor behind. Twenty minutes spent walking up the stairs to tavern of the mists, and then the rest cutting her way through the cavern behind her. She had been lucky she had invested a lot of her strength into her body and not the light. Though right now she wished she could call upon it, but it wasn't answering her either. “I guess....learning those healing prayers were for nothing.” A humourless smile covered her lips as she pushed herself up onto quaking legs.

She winced as she slowly stood. How they ached and groaned beneath her. Her armour dug into her skin where it was flayed open by the devilish weapons her enemies carried. “Can't....stop.” Her breath panted. As she took a step forward she almost buried the head of her mace into the earth as she stumbled. Her whole body shook. It yearned for rest and healing, but right now she couldn't do either. “Can't....be found.” It was a effort to get moving again, limping as she used her great mace as a cane. Even though there was a Pandaren village before her she seemed to ignore it and the offers of help. As she limped off away the Pandaren looked after her confused.

“Maybe is it one of their customs to walk injured?” A large male asked. “A very strange one, but I've never seen one walk injured before.” A female spoke, she was dressed in heavy armour. It was scratched and damaged, courtesy of the yangol that still laid siege to their village. “But enough of that, get back on the front line. We can't just sit here looking pretty. Move, move move! Fresh wave coming in!”

As the sounds of fresh battle echoed behind her Tsundre ignored it, crossing the plains as she looked forward. The thing that captured her attention. The mountains, the snow covered peaks. “...Home.” She spoke softly. Though really it only reminded her of home. She could only rest when she got there. “A day....A day is all I need.” Grunting as she trudged forward, collapsing to a knee. Though the impact of landing caused her to cry out in pain as it sent a jolt through her body. Her eyes closed as she gritted her teeth, tears jerked at her eyes' corners. But she couldn't let them come, not now. “Can't stop....Need to think. Can't stop.” She spoke to herself, no caring of who heard her.

Even as she spoke her body was shaking, leaning into the shaft of her weapon as she stayed bowed to a knee. Gripping the shaft tightly she pushed herself up, shaking. “Come on....” Whispering the order to her body. “Come.....ON!” She shouted, finally standing after a few minutes of struggle. Now the first step came again, every one felt as wobbly as a newborn walking would be. But this was her determination to get there.

It was morning before she collapsed onto her !@#$, only the sky remained above her as a statue became a rest. She couldn't help but smile, feeling the sting of the cold wind. “....Home.” She spoke, smiling as she slowly began to pull at her armour. Gritting her teeth as she felt some of the metal pulling from within her body. She could only give a strangled yell of pain and effort as it pulled out, blood blossoming from the now reopened wound. Though she didn't stop as she threw the ruined around to the side. Moving to work quickly on the wound, cleaning it with what water she had before using an old shirt she ripped into strips as a bandage. The blood had stopped now, but it already seemed to have taken its effect as she lay there. Pale, and tired. Eyes closed from the loss of blood, and the lack of food during the last half day.
Though it was here where she could stop, and pause to think. “....Why did I leave in such a rage?” She asked herself, groaning. “I...I am a fool. I got angry at the wrong person. I....Damn it.” She cursed softly. The memory of her anger, her rage, and her shouting coming back to her. “.....Why did I take it out on my lady? She did nothing wrong.” Her mentor had born the brunt, in fact all of her anger. “I....I am so stupid.” Wincing as she lay her own hand upon the wound. “...She'd have been happier if she hadn't met me, would of found a better squire then I.” Her eyes slowly opened as she looked out and around at everything that bellowed around her. The snow whipped through the air, it seemed like a storm upon the peak of the mountain. It even caused the snow to build up around her, hiding what little red seemed to spread from her. She'd smile if she could see straight. All she could see was the clean white swallowing up a dirty white colour.

“Is this....how it ends?” She asked herself. Though the next thought caused her to give a small smile. “Least it gave Lucas something to like. Guess he won't need to worry about using me as an excuse now.” Slowly her hand was brought up. A golden blur that surrounded her pale ring finger caused her to smile for a moment. “Guess....I get to die being what I became....and not who I want to be.” Her hand gave one final shudder before it fell to the snow covered ground, throwing the loose snow up into the air as she slumped forward. Eyes closing. “Least....I die where I was born. In the snow....” Though the howl of a wolf caused on final smile to come across her face. “And with wolves by my side.” Darkness seemed to coil out for her, reaching to her prone body.....

Her eyes snapped open, cold air piercing her lungs, shocking her into an even more wakeful state. Adrenaline pumped through her system, numbing what pain she still felt as her eyes darted around. She had no idea what had happened or how she had fallen asleep. Just right now she was concerned about what startled her awake. It caused her to frown, obviously concerned. Though as she groaned to rub her face she back to think to herself.

She had no idea how long it had been since she fell asleep, but judging from how the snow covered her lower half it had to have been for an hour or two. “What....What was I even thinking?” She suddenly asked herself, blinking as she started to threw the snow off her, shovelling it with her hands. Pausing as the saw the red that gathered around her stomach. “Oh.....” Was all she had to say as she stared. “I guess that is what I was thinking.” She began to shovel it off again, but much slower now. This continued till her legs were completely exposed.

She once more pushed herself up, grunting with effort before sitting on the edge of the statues base behind her. She could only blink as she looked around, seemingly in confusion before she winced. Shaking as she gripped onto her shoulder hissing softly. The bite always caused her trouble, it seemed to burn at her as if it was trying to invade her. “.....Well it is a worgen bite.” She spoke to herself. She knew they were infectious, that their bites transmitted the curse. In fact she was more surprised that she had yet to turn. 'Maybe....maybe the light is protecting me?' She thought as she leant back into the statue's lap. Sighing softly. 'I wonder if they'll come for me.' She thought before smirking to herself. “Well, guess that they can't cheat this time. They gotta work.” Her eyes traced down to the one trail that lead to where she rested and she smiled. “Guess I'll find out if they really love me.” Lifting her hand once more to stare at the ring, her wedding ring. She let it fall into her lap as her mind seemed to disappear into thought once more, her eyes closing to the world around her.

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