RShaman/Lock LF wknd or late night raid

Hi there. I'm looking for a raid team that runs 2x a week, either on the weekends or sunday + late on a weekday. Currently on Ravenholt but I've had my eye on transferring to Proudmoore for some time. I'm currently Horde, but also willing to switch to Alliance.

I've played a warlock since the end of Wrath, but recently started playing a resto shaman. I am looking for a raid spot for either of those characters (I have a slight preference to make the shaman my main, but I wouldn't pass up the chance to play on the right team with my lock). I've only been able to raid 1 night a week through 5.0 and 5.1 with a very casual group, but back in Cata I managed to consistently rank on World of Logs while on a 2 night/week team.

I'm looking for a team that makes the most out of a 2 night/week raid schedule. I am constantly theorycrafting/looking for ways to improve my own performance on raid encounters, and I'm looking for a team with members who do the same (I also enjoy team theorycrafting/strategizing).

I'm also happy to transfer to Proudmoore for a trial period. If you'd like to discuss more, please post here or contact me via my battle tag: Aureus#1422. Thanks, and cheers!

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