Taming Pterrowings Thread

Remember if hunters like a pet to much blizz will take it away (Red maggot, hydra, ect) lets pretend we don't want it and say it's a bad idea we may get it.
Remember if hunters like a pet to much blizz will take it away (Red maggot, hydra, ect) lets pretend we don't want it and say it's a bad idea we may get it.

Hyrdas werent pets in the first place.
Why can't we tame them? The Trolls on the island can and there's already a Tome of Dinomancy. Might as well allow us to tame them sense the Tome of Dinomancy is useless otherwise with how useless Direhorns are.
they where at one point seen a couple of people with them
A Pterrowing as a pet, is not as new as it sounds, there were Pterodactyls in Un'goro Crater that hunters wanted so why not, Pterrorwings have the same model as Proto-drakes yet cooler, and much more detailed Its a shame to let such good detail in those models go to waste for killing or a simple mount, please Blizzard make these tammeble it'd make me love you even more.
Sounds pretty cool.

Blizzard doesn't even read class forums.

Youd be surprised.
I absolutely want a Pterrorwing pet. Hopefully blizz is looking into this...
they where at one point seen a couple of people with them

They were never intentionally tamable. There was a spectral hydra and slime in sholzar basin early in wrath that thought they were crokalisks (it was a major bug). The people who managed to tame them were permitted to keep them, but the bug was fixed. The same goes for the old grim totem spirit wolves (which we now get a look alike as a spirit beast), unintentional pet tamable, blizz fixes it but lets us keep it. For lore and understandable reasons, the people who had managed to tame worgen in the days leading up to Cata had their pet worgen taken away (another unintentional pet tame bug)
Dire beast can summon beavers as well, and if your not specced BM it will summon BM pets sometimes. Blizzard if you do add Pterrowings, please don't make them exotic.
Would def tame one of these
Dinomancy is in fact "Triceratopomancy". I was extremely excited by the idea of taming Pterrorwings and whatever dinos they would implement but i guess i was excited for nothing. Make Pterrorwings pets please!
Im betting the pterrorwings being untamable has something to do with either A their size, or B, the devs couldn't come up with a good special for them (imagine how much more the hunter community would be complaining if blizzard had added 2 pets with abilities that don't really help in any situation)

I believe the Pterrorwinds are the same family as the pterodactlys in ungoro crater, they may not like the animation/models those have, and fixing those to work as well as the pterorwings would be more work than blizz wanted for a patch pet. They seem more willing to add multiple pets on an expansion release.

THey added 5 pets in BC, 9 pets in wrath, 5 pets in cata, and 7 pets in mists. I believe they added spirit beasts in a patch, 1 followed by new spirit beasts every patch or so, less often in cata, and the porcupines in mists. They added a new pet this expac in a patch, but its rather rare it seams for them to add families with out the presence of an expansion, this time they did so in a patch, but from what i can tell/remember, its rare.
I saw a hunter earlier today running around with a green version of this beast. Now that I've found out they're not tameable I wont waste my time with any of the other 'dino' pets as I think they're all horrid. Crappy this one that nearly everyone wants isn't tameable...
Funny story, up until about a week ago I thought the Dire Beast pterrowings were the T15 2pc proc (I run with Thrill of the Hunt, haven't used Dire Beast since I switched to Survival).

When I finally got my 2pc a week or two ago I was sorely disappointed to see that lame thing hovering next to me shooting lightning bolts.
How about people post how to do it, not complain about it. I have seen someone with a pet from Isle Of Giants. I would like to know how to get one too.
Fun Fact: Pterrorwings aren't tameable. The ones you are seeing are being spawned via Dire Beast.
Blizzard doesn't even read class forums.

I think I saw a tweet from GC saying they do look at them, but don't look exclusively (not his words) at them since they create an echo chamber effect.

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