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I'm curious about the bag contents as well, I was under the impression they were adding things to the bags outside of gold, but I've yet to see anything but gold in them.
Good thread, I feel the same way, looked forward to LFR post 5.2 and the "supposed" increased chance, and still no weapon.

2 bosses drop weapons for a feral/guardian druid.

16 kills x The Spirit Kings (plus Elder Charm rolls)
16 kills x Tsulong (plus Elder Charm rolls)

After (16) weeks, I still have the exact same weapon that I leveled with from 85 - 90. Spear of Xuen. The +500 agility crystallized dread gem is sitting in my bags as I start the legendary questline for the prismatic socket, and still no weapon to even use it on, not to mention the new weapons in 5.2.

16 Kills x Sha of Anger = 16 bags of gold

Out of my (5) level 90's, only my hunter has gotten a sha touched weapon.
For several weeks I used the inscription staff, I was ecstatic when I finally got my shield to drop, and I switched back my shield and my leveling mace. I upgraded the mace to the Klaxxi dagger soon after, and had been using that up until I got the sha mace.

In the mean time, I got two sha touched staves from Terrace, but refused to use them because it was still better to use the shield and dagger. I resent the fact that the system had recognized me as a caster, and gave me a staff that I will never use, or want.

That part of the system should also be amended to award loot that you will actually use, or that will actually be beneficial to your class.
RNG can be a cruel mistress.
Ran Terrace LFR for the first time yesterday. I got loot from every boss. While I may have just been lucky and the same thing might have happened before 5.2, I'm quite willing to believe drop rates went up substantially.
RNG can be a cruel mistress.

Indeed it can.
Should introduce a 3rd coins. The "I have run this place so many times, and have yet to see the piece of loot I want" coin...or something like that.


The game's loot system isn't about giving you a specific drop.

The loot system is tailored in such a way that if you do it consistently, you'll be ready for the next tier of content. The only way the system fails is if that doesn't happen.

The system is not a failure just because you don't get the drop you want.
Random distribution curves can be interesting. Mathematically, it's (unlikely but) entirely possible for someone to flip a coin and always get heads.

Our developers are aware of and looking at ways to address outlier cases where even a greatly increased chance to drop isn't enough.

Why not drop a piece of code in that says RNG but increase chance by 10% each time until weapon drops.

It seems not many are complaining about the gear drops it is mainly the lack of weapons dropping that is aggrivating people. I can buy gear with VP but I can ONLY get a weapon in LFR/reg raids. The weapon drop chances are just WAY too low! Up the weapon drop % and people should be happier. Not asking for free gear... Just make it the same chance as regular gear drops! Why so stingy with weapons? They are BOP so it's not like we can sell them for more than the other gear that drops!
I'm not positive how the system works, but if I did it I would just define a "chance to drop", say 15%, and then do the 1-100 random roll with 1-85 awarding nothing and 86-100 awarding gear. Call the chance X.

So then with the patch they "greatly increased" the chance of dropping, so the chance is now Y * X with Y being whatever factor they increased it by.

From the perspective of the player then, the problem is that:

1: He doesn't know what X is
2: He doesn't know what Y is
3: He can't see his roll result anyway

All that to say that a change to show the roll and thresholds would probably make this seem a lot less frustrating and arbitrary.
Why not drop a piece of code in that says RNG but increase chance by 10% each time until weapon drops.

Because, once again, the loot system is not about making sure you get a specific drop.

Now, did Blizzard mess up with regard to weapons? Yeah, probably. They're too rare and the Sha-Touched is too desirable because of the legendary chain. But that's fixed in Throne - there are more choices and none of them are obscenely better than the others.


The game's loot system isn't about giving you a specific drop.

The loot system is tailored in such a way that if you do it consistently, you'll be ready for the next tier of content. The only way the system fails is if that doesn't happen.

The system is not a failure just because you don't get the drop you want.

no, it doesnt work like that at all.

you could run it 100 times and still get nothing, theres no reward for putting in hard efort on a constant basis, the onyl way to get prepared is if luck is on your side if you decide to go the RNG route.

than again, with thel egendary stuff, its all about luck, so even if you put in 1000% of your time and effort, youcan still end up with bupkiss

It absolutely does work like that. I haven't seen ONE PERSON over the last 6 months who has done LFR consistently yet is not ready for Throne.

It works even more like that now that the drop rate has been increased. Your character's experiences defeats your own argument. Less than 2 weeks of full LFR runs - only 1 week since the boost - and you're ilvl 477 Jeysin. Almost ready for Throne now.
I'm the opposite.

For 3 weeks, the only thing that dropped for Bitsi were chest and necklace. Which I did not need, as I had the crafted robes (though I did replace that with the dropped ones, as I preferred the secondary stats) and the event necklace.

I got lucky this week and got a couple items, but yea, still annoying. How they expect us to hit ilvl480 without item upgrades or dailies I'll never understand. They've stated they consider dailies OPTIONAL and should not be required to hit ilvl480... but unless you get EXTREMELY lucky in HoF and ToES LFR, you could spend years and never hit ilvl480.

It's only RNG as to where "you" specifically fall on the standard curve, rest is just math. While it's been years since I had stats rammed up my hienie, IIRC, on a standard curve, roughly 15% of the sample pop is going to fall outside the standard deviation on the low side, to varying degrees of suckiness. Compounded by duplicate drops and poor loot table itemization. The outliers, of which he speaks, IIRC, are those poor souls who don't even make it onto the curve.

That's about 1,500,000 paying customers getting porked, by design, no matter how much time or effort they put into it.

Chanting "RNG is RNG" is just so much BS. It's a catch-all excuse for sloppy programming and laziness.

Fail bags; had one with a set of BoE wrists inside. Couple with motes. So that's working.
I just wish they would make it where the LFR loot drop would not drop something you already have equal or better.

I'm fine fighting off RNG but when I cash in 9 Elder Charms on Un'sok for tier legs, I get all gold, then one attempt I finally see loot and am like YES YES YES YES only for it to be "Monstrous Stompers" that I already have....I actually lost my temper.
Instead of crying about LFR gear you could just run regs..... loot drops everytime! Better quality and the fights aren't so tedious because mechanics matter.... Or QQ about RF quality gear.

If I had the time I would. Before MOP I was in a 10 and 25 man raiding guild. Now, because of changes in my life, I don't have the luxury of being able to set aside a certain amount of hours and or days in the week to raid. So I log on, and raid when it's convenient for me. I think that's one of the many points of bringing in LFR.
I should point out, that all these coins and chances were on ONE toon. This toon. Even on my first go around in Terrace, on my first roll (not using a coin) all I was getting was a bag of gold.

Anyway, I appreciate all the responses and insight. I didn't expect the thread to get this kind of attention, or the quality responses it has had. It's all very nice.

I'm doing some fishing now, but I'll be running LFR later today this afternoon. Who knows, maybe we'll be grouped up together!
My Priest which no longer needs most of the Gear from any of the pre-5.2 raids has gotten at least 6 drops over the course of the last 2 LFR's ive done. As apposed to my Hunter which needs anything that drops has not seen a single drop from LFR in 2 weeks with multiple Coin useage.

RNG sucks. I wish I knew where it lived so I could give it a piece of my mind.

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