Steelscale Crushfish at Darkmoon Faire? Salty

The last achieve I need for my salty title is "One That Didn't Get Away", and I thought I would try to Steelscale Crushfish at the Darkmoon Faire since I heard it has a slightly higher drop rate there then other rare fish elsewhere. Prior to 5.2 I noticed the fish I was getting were old world fish, level 60. Now post 5.2, all the fish I catch at Darkmoon Faire are MoP fish.

I'm about 1500 casts in, so with the wowhead 0.13% drop rate, im slightly unlucky right now but nothing out of the ordinary. I was just wondering if anyone has been able to catch this fish in 5.2 at Darkmoon Faire, or if they switched the fishing tables and its no longer able to be caught at that location. I checked the patch notes and didnt see anything, but I'd be pretty bummed if I spent 10 hours here for nothing if the fish wasnt catchable.
I got my Steelscale Crushfish on the Monday right before the 5.2 patch. I had heard the same thing (that it was just easier to get it done in Darkmoon Faire) and after about 550 catches, I got it. However, I was getting nothing but the usual Firefin Snappers and Oily Blackmouths. Sounds like they did in fact modify something with the patch if you are catching Pandaria fish instead of the usual DMF stuff.

When fishing open coastal water around Darkmoon Island, your personal fishing skill determines which tier of fish catches the water contains.

Catches defined by the 6 original Old Azeroth Zone Groups (described in the Gazetteer) increment every 50 skill points, from skill 1 to 300. Then each expansion has a tier covering 75 skill points, up to 600. The table below shows the resulting skill brackets and common (coastal) catches within each.
It's still kind of wonky, though. My main has 600 fishing skill and one day on Darkmoon Island he fished up Northrend fish. Another day he fished up Rockscale Cod. I don't think he EVER fished up Pandaria fish. Not a huge deal, just mroe stuff to vendor.
On one of my bi-annual attempts at the STV fish tourney (before this new improved one that got me my title!), I caught a rare from those fish pools. Don't think it was one of the rare fishies that you can turn in. Some kind of codfish.

All my chars have fished at DMF island since its inception, but pools only for crates/quest fish and never seen a rare.
So at 600 fishing/lvl 90 can you get the steelscale crushfish at the DMF after 5.2 or no?
So at 600 fishing/lvl 90 can you get the steelscale crushfish at the DMF after 5.2 or no?

No you can't. Go to Howling Fjord and fish up a Dark Herring.

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